Essay on YouTube

This is the time of information technology. With the help of information technology, people around the world are getting so many opportunities to enrich their knowledge, increase their skills, and lead beautiful lives. By reading the essay on YouTube the readers will know a lot of things about YouTube. YouTube is a great blessing of information technology. The essay on YouTube is important for students and job seekers.

By reading this essay the readers will be familiar with the following concepts:

  • History of YouTube.
  • Working process of YouTube.
  • How does YouTube generate revenue?
  • Advantages of YouTube.
  • YouTube for the students and teachers.
  • Advantages of YouTube for the buyers, sellers, and bloggers.

Essay on YouTube

Among all the existing video-sharing sites in the world today, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site. People can watch videos according to their interests by putting keywords in the search box of YouTube. People also can upload videos of their own by creating a channel on YouTube. YouTube also suggests videos of your interest.

YouTube knows what type of videos you like and shows those videos as suggested videos. The question is how YouTube knows what type of video you like. The answer is simple YouTube algorithm helps YouTube to analyze your choice and taste when you watch videos and as a result, YouTube shows you those videos. Suppose, you love to watch videos on football, you will see that more and more videos on football will appear on your YouTube browser or as suggested videos whenever you are on YouTube.

YouTube started its journey as a video-sharing site in the year 2005. Since its inception, YouTube has become successful in generating traffic. The founders of YouTube were three employees of PayPal. But their journey was not smooth. From the very beginning, they faced various types of problems. Among them copyright issues were important. To solve the copyright issues, they took some steps to overcome the problems.

Google also launched a video service in the same year when YouTube started its walking in the year 2005. The name of the Google video service was Google Video. However, Google Video could not attract enough traffic to visit and use its video service. The next year in 2006 Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion USD. Since then, the history of YouTube has been a history of success. Now Google is the first and YouTube is the second most visited site in the world.

YouTube itself does not create any content. YouTube is a platform for content creators across the world. So, content creators make videos and upload the videos on their channels on YouTube. This is how YouTube works.

The advertisers publish their advertisements on YouTube through Google ads. These ads are known as YouTube ads. The ads are shown in the video format. There are several formats of YouTube video ads such as skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads. This is the way how YouTube generates revenue. YouTube shares a particular amount of revenue with the video creators.

Advantages of YouTube

As an open-source free video platform, YouTube has immense advantages for people irrespective of age, nation, and language. The users do not pay a single penny to use this useful platform. By watching YouTube videos people can learn whatever they want to learn. They can watch the news about the world. They can enjoy the entertaining videos available on YouTube. People also can earn a handsome amount of money from YouTube by uploading their videos on YouTube.

This is the age of the internet. Almost all the people in the world have access to the internet. Students worldwide use the internet to learn their lessons. YouTube is an important platform for students to learn their lessons and also to learn new things. As YouTube is a video platform students can simultaneously watch and hear the class they need. This is a great advantage for the students to acquire knowledge and skills. From this perspective, YouTube is a school for the students.

Teachers use YouTube as a teaching platform to teach people around the world. At their convenient time, teachers record their classes and upload the videos on their respective channels. Students also can watch the videos at their convenient time. So, there is no time restriction to teach and learn. Teachers also can earn from their videos.

Millions of video creators across the world create videos on different topics and upload the videos on their YouTube channels. People around the world watch those to see the unseen and to know the unknown. People acquire knowledge by watching those videos. They also get amusement by watching videos of the vloggers. YouTube pays money to the content creators by counting the views. Thus, the YouTubers earn money and lead a happy life.

An excellent platform for buyers, sellers, and bloggers

Sellers of different products create YouTube channels to promote their products. As YouTube is a free platform it’s a great opportunity for business people to promote their products free of cost through YouTube so they take the help of YouTube for product promotion.

It is proven that nowadays a huge number of shoppers watch product reviews on YouTube and make decisions about whether they should buy the product or not. Before buying a mobile phone, laptop, TV, AC, or any other household accessories people find out reviews on YouTube to know details about the product. Then they buy the product. So, YouTube is helping buyers to make the perfect decisions to purchase their necessary things.

Getting organic traffic is a great challenge for bloggers. By creating a YouTube channel and linking their blog with the channel they can generate huge organic traffic. The bloggers make videos related to their blogging niche and upload those videos to their YouTube channels. Thus, they can attract more visitors to their blogs and become a successful blogger. This is a great benefit of YouTube for bloggers across the world.

Reason for losing attention on a particular topic

Sometimes the audience cannot hold their attention on certain topics. Some of the reasons are advertisements, suggested videos that are not related to their topic, etc. Suppose a student is searching for a topic of English grammar. Right at that moment, an attractive thumbnail of a music video may come in front of his eyes. And he may click on the thumbnail of the video. In this way, the viewer may be distracted from his target topic. Some people create misleading videos to mislead people.

Some people spend more time watching videos on YouTube forgetting their regular work. Students who are not conscious enough and watch videos continuously for a long time forgetting their duties cannot prepare their lesson on time. As a result, they cannot do well in their exam.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we can say that YouTube is a great blessing for the people of the world. It depends on the users whether they should ensure the best use of YouTube. Our focus and intention can give us something good from YouTube. YouTube is simultaneously a platform for learning, information, and recreation.

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