Letter to brother not to spend much time on Facebook

Writing a letter to a younger brother or sister not to spend much time on Facebook or any other social media sites is an important informal letter for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know how to write a letter to a younger brother not to spend time on Facebook.

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(Letter-1): Write a letter to your younger brother not to spend much time on Facebook

Suppose, you are Arman a university student. As you are a residential student of the university you have to stay away from your home. Yesterday you received a letter from your elder sister. She informed you that your younger brother spends a lot of time using Facebook. Now write a letter to your younger brother suggesting him not to spend much time on Facebook.


January 25, 2024

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Shams,

Lots of good wishes to you. I hope everything is good. I am also pretty good at my university.

Yesterday I received a letter from our elder sister. Reading her letter I came to know that you are spending a huge time using Facebook. You know social media has both good and bad sides. Since you are a college student, I do not forbid you to use social media completely. Because you are mature enough to differentiate between good and bad. However, your HSC exam is knocking at the door. So, you should emphasize preparing for the exam. You should spend more and more time on exam preparation. Instead of spending more time in taking preparation for the HSC exam, you should not concentrate on anything else. If you become busy with Facebook surely you will not get good marks in the exam.

You can use social media for your benefit. Through social media, you can get in touch with your classmates and teachers. You also can collect exam suggestions and course materials from your teachers by using social media. However, there should be a time limitation for using Facebook or any other social networking site. You should be aware of this. Otherwise, you will suffer in the long run.

Moreover, too much screen time causes various physical and mental disorders. If you spend more time on the computer or mobile screen, there is a high probability of suffering from neck and backbone pain. There will be irritation in your eyes. You won’t have sound sleep. As a result, you will suffer from uneasiness and lose your attention to study. You will also face some mental issues like anxiety and depression. So, to stay away from all these issues, please lessen your screen time. Besides, there is so much misleading and fake information on social media which may distract your mindset right before the exam.

You are my younger brother so it is my responsibility to make you aware of all these. Wish you a good result and a beautiful life.

No more today. Stay well.

Your elder brother


House#4, Sector#075 Mission Road
Uttara, DhakaChandpur

(Letter-2): To your younger brother not to spend time on Facebook

Suppose, you are Trisha a student of Shamsunnahar Hall, Dhaka University. Rahul is your younger brother. He is a college student. He spends a big part of his daily time using Facebook. Now write a letter to your brother not to spend time on Facebook.


January 27, 2024

Shamsunnahar Hall

Dhaka University

Dear Rahul,

Take my heartfelt love. How is it going?

The day before yesterday I received a letter from our mother. She is concerned about your excessive use of Facebook. There is also a valid reason for her concern because the result of your pre-test exam was not good.

You are a student of class twelve. You are now enough intelligent and mature to understand the difference between black and white. However, despite knowing the fair and unfair we often cannot abstain from harmful activities.

There is not much time left for your final examination. So, it is high time for you to prepare for the examination in full swing. You should not touch your phone if it is not an emergency. But you are wasting your valuable time browsing Facebook.

As your elder sister, my suggestion is please keep yourself aloof from using Facebook till your exam is over. It will help you to take good preparation for the HSC exam. To get admitted to your dream university, good scores in all the subjects are mandatory. So, to fulfill your dream don’t spend your precious time using Facebook unnecessarily.

You would rather deactivate your Facebook account until your exam is over. Right now, Facebook is wasting your valuable time. Facebook diverts your attention to unnecessary things during this precious time of exam preparation. Please keep in mind that the result of your exam is more important than using Facebook.

If it is an emergency to communicate with your friend or teacher, you can use the telephone of any of our family members. Just remain aloof from Facebook somehow for at least the next two months.

If you can do it, you will be able to have excellent preparation for your exam uninterruptedly and with rapt attention. Facebook deviates your focus on study. So, you must stop using Facebook before and during your exam.

I believe you will abide by my suggestion. You are a good student. So, if you concentrate on your studies surely you will make a good result.

Your elder sister


Room-77, Shamsunnahar Hall20, Paira Chattar
Dhaka UniversityRangpur

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