Paragraph Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

The paragraph on the uses and abuses of mobile phone is an important writing content for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the examinees should emphasize knowing the uses and abuses of the modern communication device mobile phone to write an informative paragraph in their answer scripts.

The question is why the uses and abuses of mobile phone paragraph is important for the exams. Among all the modern inventions of science mobile phone is the most used device. Nowadays mobile phones have become a part of our lives. Nobody can think of passing the time without a mobile phone.

We know generally contemporary important topics are set in the question papers. So, as a contemporary important topic, a paragraph on the uses and abuses of mobile phone is a must-read content for the SSC and HSC examinees.

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Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Mobile means movable. It is a small portable modern communication device. The name itself illustrates the main feature of a mobile phone. Traditional phones had wires. But mobile phones are wireless hence we can carry a mobile phone easily without any hassle wherever we wish. The size of a mobile phone is also a great benefit for us. We easily can put a mobile phone in our pocket.

In the beginning, even just a decade ago mobile phones did not have as much functionality and features as the phones of the present time. However, over time mobile phones have become smart.

Smart mobile phones are excellent wonders of modern science. At present, a mobile phone works like a computer. Android and IOS are two popular operating systems for modern mobile phones. The operating system IOS is only for iPhone.

We can accomplish a wide range of tasks with a mobile phone by installing a mobile application. There are different types of mobile applications for different purposes. For instance, by installing a calendar app we can get the benefit of a calendar from our mobile phone.

Uses of mobile phone

Mobile phone is a blessing for us. It has given us a great benefit to communicate with a person in a distant place. We can contact our near and dear ones within a moment. For example, we can talk to them, send and receive text messages, make a video call, and whatnot.

By using this smart mobile device, we can accomplish our official work too. We can send and receive emails, prepare and present PowerPoint presentations, store necessary files, take part in a live meeting through video calls, and so on.

This amazing device helps business people a lot. Because it has made communication easier. Businessmen can easily know the information of their products staying anywhere. They can send and receive photos of the products. They also can make a live video call for a business meeting whenever they are away from their office. This small miracle device helps a businessman to make effective and fruitful decisions. So many things they can do with a mobile phone that help their business to thrive.

Mobile phone has brought a revolutionary advantage in the education sector. The stakeholders of the education sector are getting benefits in many ways by using this ultra-modern communication device. Nowadays online class is a reality. Teachers and students can participate in a class by using the mobile phone. They can use Google Meet or Zoom to join online classes. We can easily convert a smartphone into a classroom. Both the teachers and students can conduct research by browsing the internet with the help of a mobile phone. The authorities of schools and colleges send messages to the mobile phones of the guardians to inform them of useful information.

There are thousands of mobile applications for different purposes. By installing mobile apps for different purposes, we can do different types of work such as capturing photos and videos, playing games, ordering food, requesting a ride, etc.

We can do so many tasks by using mobile phones and mobile applications simultaneously. The mobile phone has become a multitasking device because of various mobile applications. In one sentence we can say that the use of mobile phone is immense.

Abuses of mobile phone

Mobile phone hampers the studies of the students if they spend more time unnecessarily using mobile phone. It also affects their eyesight. Sometimes misleading information on the internet misleads people.

Miscreants use mobile phone to commit crime. They threaten the general people and businessmen over phone to collect money illegally. This is extortion and a big crime. Besides, cyber-criminals carry out cybercrimes using mobile phone. Online bullying is a common issue right now. Lawbreakers bully people on different online platforms by using their mobile phone. These are some examples of creating anarchy by the anti-social forces by using mobile phone.

Our law enforcement agencies are aware of cybercrimes. There is also a cybercrime unit of police to fight against cybercrime and criminals.

We all should be conscious and careful in using mobile phone. Our consciousness and carefulness can make the mobile phone a blessing for us instead of a curse. So, we should know the uses and abuses of mobile phone.

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