A brief description of Notepad Academy

Our Team Leader at George Mason University, Fairfax City, USA (2009)


Welcome to Notepad Academy. We’re dedicated to giving you outstanding educational resources. Our focus is on making lessons simple, easy, effective, and interesting.

Notepad Academy was founded in September 2021 by Badrul Alam. When Badrul Alam first started, his passion for “Teaching and Learning” drove him to do tons of research and hard work so that Notepad Academy could offer advanced educational resources.

We are working for the students and teachers. We are extremely delighted by turning our passion into a profession.

The story behind the foundation of Notepad Academy:

The founder of Notepad Academy is a Teacher Facilitator (English).

He worked as a Master Trainer (English) and Material Developer with BRAC (The largest NGO in the world) and as Coordinator of Teacher Development in English in Action (A project of DFID).

Badrul Alam completed his internship in teaching at Poe Middle School, Annandale, Virginia, USA. He is also a Teaching Excellence & Achievement Fellow of George Mason University, Virginia, USA.

A teacher can teach only a few students in a period through offline classes. Through online teaching, a teacher can reach more students. The founder of Notepad Academy wanted to serve more students by creating an online platform. So, he founded Notepad Academy an online learning platform in September 2021.  

Aims and objectives of Notepad Academy:

The aims and objectives of Notepad Academy are to provide quality education for the students and skill development training on some useful skills for people of all ages.

Notepad Academy will focus on Everyday English, IELTS, and Academic English. We have a dedicated team to materialize our aims and objectives.

Most of the students face difficulty in understanding the basic concept of their lesson. Without being familiar with the basic concept of any topic they can’t be good at that particular subject. Notepad Academy will emphasize it.

Using English in real life is a common problem across the world. Notepad Academy will introduce several lessons to make English easier and more interesting so that learners can use English in real life.

Students will get their writing topics such as composition, paragraph, dialogue, email, formal letters, informal letters, etc. here on this website.


Our motto is “Excellence in Education”


We hope you will enjoy our services. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Fouzia Tanjim (Coordinator)

IELTS Score: 8.00

Email: notepadacademy@gmail.com