Write a dialogue between two friends about lockdown

Writing a dialogue between two friends about lockdown is an important contemporary topic for the students of schools and colleges. Students should practice writing a dialogue about lockdown so that they can do well in their exams.

Because of the lockdown, the participants of the conversation are not talking face-to-face. They are talking over the mobile phone through a video call. Because the two friends are staying at their respective homes.

Best wishes to the students.

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about a lockdown in your area

Suppose you are Rahim. Living at 32/B Wari Dhaka. Recently your area has been taken under lockdown for the COVID-19 outbreak. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Rihan about your experience during this lockdown period.


Rahim: Hello Rihan, how are you?

Rihan: It’s all good. What about you?

Rahim: Not so good.

Rihan: Why friend?

Rahim: You know I live at Wari and our area has been taken under lockdown due to the increasing number of COVID patients.

Rihan: Yes, I know. Please tell me details about the present situation.

Rahim: For the last couple of days coronavirus infection has been increasing alarmingly in the Wari area. Finding no other way to control the infection, the government has imposed a strict lockdown in our area.

Rihan: It’s a good decision to save the people from this awfully dangerous virus.

Rahim: Yes, it’s a good decision and I do support the decision of the local administration. But now I am confined to a few rooms of our flat. This is a completely new and exceptional experience for me.

Rihan: How are you passing your days? Would you please let me know your activities inside your home?

Rahim: Completely boring. I am passing my days looking outside sitting by the side of the windows, watching TV, playing video games, and reading books.

Rihan: Try to get used to this situation. Do the people of your area follow the rules of the lockdown?

Rahim: Most of the people are strictly following the rules of the lockdown. But some people are going out of their homes showing ridiculous reasons to the law enforcement agencies.

Rihan: How do the members of the law enforcement agencies behave with the people?

Rahim: They are very much friendly and helpful to the people. Even they help the residents to buy food and medicine.

Rihan: That’s very good. In these hard days, they are truly doing a great job by standing by the side of the general people.

Rahim: I am waiting for the day to meet my friends.

Rihan: I am also waiting to meet you and have coffee. However, don’t worry. Keep patience. These days will be over and better days will come again soon. Friend, right now I have to go for lunch. We will discuss more about this lockdown later.

Rahim: Oh! It’s lunchtime! I also should have lunch. Stay well. Bye for now.

Rihan: Please take care of yourself and your parents. Stay well and safe.

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