Write a dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking

Writing a dialogue about the bad effects of smoking between two friends is a common and important writing topic for students in schools and colleges. So, students should put emphasis on learning and writing the dialogue multiple times to do well in their exams.

Lots of good wishes to the students.

(Dialogue-1): Dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking

Suppose, you are Arian a class eleven student. Junaid is your close friend and reads in the same class. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Junaid about the bad effects of smoking.


Arian: Good morning Junaed.

Junaid: Good morning,

Arian: How are you doing?

Junaid: I’m good. How are you?

Arian: I’m also good. I’m looking for you.

Junaid: Why?

Arian: I’d like to discuss with you the bad effects of smoking.

Junaid: You know, smoking is seriously injurious to health. And smoking has many more bad effects on our health,

Arian: Would you please mention some particular bad effects?

Junaid: Smoking hampers the blood circulation in our veins, a smoker loses appetite, it hampers eyesight, and many more.

Arian: Can it cause cancer?

Junaid: Sure. Different types of cancer originate from smoking. Especially lung and throat cancer.

Arian: Thank you very much for such important information.

Junaid: Thank you too.

(Dialogue-2): Between two friends about the bad effects of smoking

Nafis: Hello Nahid, it’s been a long since we met last.

Nahid: Yes. I have been out of Dhaka.

Nafis: Missed you a lot.

Nahid: I also missed you.

Nafis: I have become shocked to know that you have started smoking. Is it true?

Nahid: Yes, it’s true.

Nafis: You are a good student and you know the bad effects of smoking. I am sure by mixing with some bad guys you have become addicted to smoking.

Nahid: You are somewhat true. Because if you do not want to smoke, your friends cannot inspire or compel you to smoke.

Nafis: So, you willingly started smoking. Now it’s my request to you to give up smoking because you know well how harmful smoking is for physical and mental health.

Nahid: Yes I know. I am also realizing that I should not continue smoking rather I should stop it.

Nafis: Please stop this bad habit right now. Because you are one of my best friends. I do not want to see my close friend a victim of smoking.

Nahid: Actually, without considering the bad effects of smoking I have become a smoker.

Nafis: You know smoking causes health and mental hazards.

Nahid: Would you please tell me some health issues because of smoking?

Nafis: Because of smoking you will lose your eyesight soon. Smokers lose their appetite as a result they become weak and sick. There will be decay in your teeth. Smoking also causes heart disease and blood circulation issues. You may suffer from cancer, diabetes, and so many diseases only because of smoking. So, stop smoking in no time.

Nahid: I did not think about all these health issues. Let me know about some mental issues because of smoking.

Nafis: Smoking increases unnecessary tension. Moreover, it causes anxiety and depression. So, to be mentally fit we should keep ourselves aloof from smoking.

Nahid: You are right. I will surely give up smoking to remain safe from the adverse physical and mental effects.

Nafis: Thank you for your perfect realization and good sense.

Nahid: You are always welcome.

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