Paragraph on My Favourite Personality

My favourite personality is an important paragraph for the students. It is also a common paragraph for school exams. So, students should know how to write a paragraph on my favourite personality.

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To make it convenient for the readers the writer has divided the paragraph into several parts. Students are requested to combine all the parts and write a single paragraph in their answer script.

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My Favourite Personality:

I love and respect all the members of my family. They all are my favourites. But when I have to mention a single person as my favourite personality obviously, I will say that my father is my favourite personality.

I have so many friends. But my father is my best friend. I share my weal and woe with my father. He supports me always. If I have become successful in exams my father becomes happy. On the other hand, if I fail in exam or sport he consoles and inspires me.

My father is a teacher by profession. His students love and respect him very much. Sometimes the former students of my father come to our home. Some of them are in good positions at home and abroad. I feel proud whenever they say my father has contributed a lot to make them successful. My father not only taught them but also showed them the right profession to choose according to their merit and interest.

He helps me to prepare my lessons and homework. Even a difficult lesson becomes easier and more interesting whenever my father teaches me. His main quality as a teacher is he can arouse the interest of the students in the lesson.

Sometimes we play together in our free time. He is a good chess player. So, he taught me how to play chess. On a rainy day or on holidays, my father and I play chess together. There is heavy competition between the father and the son.

The personality of my father is amazing. He is kind, polite and friendly with all. My father never misbehaves with other people. He never rebukes me. He also loves me a lot.

We are not rich but whenever our relatives or neighbours come to my father for financial help, he tries to help them as much as possible. There is a practice at our home to feed something to people who come to our house. My father becomes very happy by feeding people.

He teaches poor students free of cost. Besides, my father buys books, school bags etc. for the students who cannot buy these things. Among them every single year a good number of students become qualified to get admitted to different universities.

My father is also a trustworthy and reliable person in our area. Moreover, he is a popular person in our area because of his love for people. Sometimes people of our area come to my father to settle or resolve their disputes. They accept the decision of my father with respect.

May almighty give him a long life and the ability to serve people in this way. He is my hero. I love and respect my father. It’s my great pleasure to have such an excellent personality as my father.

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