Drug Addiction Paragraph for HSC

Drug addiction is an important paragraph for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know the terrible effects of drug addiction on the human body and mind to write an informative and good-quality paragraph about the evils of drug addiction.

After reading the paragraph students will learn the following things about the causes and effects of drug addiction:

  • What is drug addiction?
  • How does a person become drug addicted?
  • Different types of drugs.
  • Reasons for drug addiction.
  • Symptoms of drug addiction.
  • Bad effects of drug addiction.
  • How to get rid of drug addiction.

(Paragraph-1): Drug Addiction

Many of us are confused about the words medicine and drugs. Doctors use medicine for our medical treatment. But drugs are narcotics. Because of availability drug takers also take some medicines as drugs. Sometimes drug takers use some particular medicine as drugs without the prescription of doctors. So, it is clear that if someone takes any medicine with a bad intention to get the feelings of a drug without a doctor’s advice this medicine is also a drug for that man.

Generally, drugs are called narcotics. Drugs change the normal behavior and physical appearance of a human being.

If someone takes drugs regularly and continuously a relationship develops between the drug taker and drug. His body and mind become dependent on drugs. He cannot help taking drugs. This dependency of body and mind on drugs is drug addiction.

The drugs that create addiction are opium, heroin, wine, cocaine, marijuana, etc. All the drugs are seriously harmful to human beings.

A man can be addicted for different reasons such as curiosity, bad company, depression, mental stress, family problems, etc. If the father or mother of a family has the habit of drug addiction there is a possibility of drug addiction for their children.

There are some symptoms of an addicted person. Some common symptoms are uncleanliness, laziness, red eyes, anxiety, tension, indifference to everything, too much sweating, living alone, losing appetite, etc. They also lose control of their temper on a trivial matter. As a result, they can commit violence even with their family members.

The inclination of a person to take drugs is the root cause of drug addiction. Sometimes social and environmental situations play an important role in addiction. The availability of drugs is also another reason for drug addiction. The indifference of family members to their son or daughter is a prime reason for drug addiction.

Some more causes for drug addiction can be mentioned here. Unemployment, dropping out of school and college, depression, loneliness, bad company, detachment from family, and living in a place where drugs are available are some significant reasons for being drug addicted.

Drug addiction is difficult to control. Because an addicted person knows the harmful effects of drug addiction. Nevertheless, he cannot stop taking drugs because of mental and physical dependency. Though the drug takers are aware of the evil effects of the drugs they either do not or cannot make a pause in taking drugs.

Counseling by specialists could be a solution to being freed from drug addiction. To get rid of the addiction the role of the addicted person is the most important. Moreover, he should promise to give up drugs. Commitment to himself and thinking about his family will give courage and strength to a drug taker to eschew this extremely dangerous habit.

(Paragraph-2): Drug Addiction

Addiction is a term used to describe anything done excessively that ultimately harms the person. Drug addiction means when a person takes detrimental drugs that harm their health and mental state. In recent years drug addiction has increased a lot. From teenagers to middle-aged people are addicted to different drugs. These drugs are spoiling not only the drug takers but also our society.

Drug addiction is a psychological disorder and commonly known as a disease. In most cases, a drug-addicted person is fully aware of the fact that the medicines they are taking have horrible effects on their body and mental health. But they fail to control themselves to avoid the urge to take drugs.

In the beginning, the addiction starts with the usage of a small quantity, and gradually a person surrenders to the cravings to take drugs which engulfs a person wholly. So, they turn into a regular drug abuser within a short period. Sometimes people take drugs just to experience the effects of drugs which ultimately make them addicted.

No matter what type of drugs a drug abuser takes the symptoms of addiction are pretty common. These are losing appetite, reducing weight, irritable mood, change of behavior, change of social circle, restlessness, less or no interest in usual tasks, and many more negative signs.

The consequences of drug addiction are severe and so both the person with addiction and the family have to pay an extreme price. Illegal drugs are pretty pricey. As a result, in most cases, a drug abuser fails to arrange money to buy drugs. So, he typically engages in stealing, robbing, snatching, kidnapping, and even killing for collecting money. Drug addiction also affects a person’s social and personal relationships. In society, generally, people have a grudge against a person related to drugs and his family.

Even after giving up drugs, a drug user faces problems in getting a job or making friends with good people. Because they cannot rely on a person who used to take drugs. This is why a former drug user again starts taking drugs.

Undoubtedly, drug addiction has a horrendous impact on a person and society. So, it is high time we did something effective and fruitful to motivate drug abusers to stop taking drugs. If we can do so we can hope to have a beautiful, peaceful, and livable society for all.

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