School Life and College Life Paragraph for HSC

School life and college life is an important paragraph for the HSC examination. So, the HSC examinees should know how to write a paragraph highlighting the similarities and differences between school and college life.

School life and college life is a paragraph of the category of compare and contrast.

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School Life and College Life

School and college life is the beginning of the journey of human beings. The people start their journey to professional life by crossing the hurdles of school and college life. This is the preparatory period for students to face future challenges.

There are so many similarities and a few differences between school and college life. The main similarity is both places are for learning.

We start our school life from playgroup at the age of three or four. This is the beginning of pre-primary education. After two or three years of pre-primary education, we move to primary school for five years of study from classes one to five.

Having passed the final exam of class five we take admission in class six. Class six is the beginning of high school or secondary education in Bangladesh. Here we study for five years from class six to ten. At the end of the secondary level students in Bangladesh sit for the secondary school certificate (SSC) examination. By this time the age of a student become sixteen or seventeen.

The SSC is the terminal exam of the secondary level. Passing SSC, students go to college for higher secondary education. In Bangladesh, college or higher secondary education is for two years. To pass out of college, students have to take part in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination. The future path of students mostly depends on the result of the HSC exam.

In schools, students remain under the strict guidance of teachers and parents. Whereas in colleges, they enjoy somewhat freedom. Because the age range of college students is from sixteen to nineteen. This is the last stage of their teenage. In this stage of age, people want more freedom from family and educational institutes.

In schools, teachers show the answer scripts of exams to the parents. This is a good practice. It helps parents know about the strengths and weaknesses of their children. So, students remain in fear when their parents check their answer scripts. However, in college, teachers do not do this. Parents are also not eager to check the exam copies of their sons or daughters. Because they think their children are now enough grown up to understand their good and bad.

School students bring hand-made tiffin of their mother to school to eat at tiffin period. But college students buy tiffin from their college canteen or go to restaurants around their college in groups.

The syllabus of school is somewhat easier and shorter compared to college. On the contrary, the syllabus of the college for every single subject is huge. Students find it difficult to finish their syllabus within two years. The subject topic of the syllabus is also harder than school.

Because of their young age, the school students do not have much anxiety or planning about their family and future. However, the college students always think about their future. Besides their study, they are busy making plans to keep their family members happy in the future. Because a college student is mature enough to think about the welfare of the family.

Some college students manage the expenses of their education by teaching junior students privately. Because of their maturity, they realize the financial reality of their parents.

Except for some residential schools, which are very small in number, students remain with their parents in school life. In Bangladesh, there are scarcity of good colleges in rural areas and small towns. As a result, a large number of rural students get admitted to a college in their district town. Even some students shift from one small town to a big city like Dhaka to study in a college. By going away from their parents, college students face the hard reality of the world and miss the care of their parents.

Our school friends are from our neighboring areas. Whereas most of our college friends come from distant places. We get ample opportunity to get acquainted with numerous new people in a new environment during college life.

In school life, our parents manage our time and activities. They tell us when to study, when to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, when to prepare for school, when to sleep, etc. However, time management and remaining active accordingly are the main responsibilities in college life for a college student.

In school life, we carry a heavy school bag full of books, copies of homework, classwork, and class tests. On the contrary, in college life, our college bag becomes lighter than the school bag. Because in college life we become smart enough to apply strategy to keep our bag light.

Both school and college students have government job opportunities after passing SSC and HSC. After passing SSC students can apply for police constable, soldier of Bangladesh Army, airman of Bangladesh Air Force, and sailor of Bangladesh Navy. On the other hand, passing HSC students can apply to be officers of the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force, and Bangladesh Navy.

To sum up the discussion of school life and college life we can conclude that both school life and college life have several special features. The main aim and objective of school and college life is to acquire knowledge in preparing to face the challenges of real life.

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