A Book Fair Paragraph for SSC and HSC

A Book Fair paragraph is important for the SSC and HSC examinees. Besides SSC and HSC, A Book Fair paragraph is also important for the students of other classes. So, students of all classes should put emphasis on reading and writing the paragraph.

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(Paragraph-1): A Book Fair

The book is the foundation of civilization. That is why books are the best friend of human beings. From time immemorial human beings have been writing down their knowledge and experience. So, we get knowledge and information of thousands of years from books.

Among so many festivals in Bangladesh Book Fair is also a popular festival. Every year the people of Bangladesh arrange book fairs in all the district towns. The largest book fair is arranged in the capital city, Dhaka. Bangla Academy organizes the fair on the Bangla Academy premises. Recently due to the lack of space inside Bangla Academy premises, the authority has expanded the area of the fair. Now the book fair is being held both at Bangla Academy premises and at Suhrawardy Uddyan. Suhrawardy Uddyan is close to Bangla Academy.

Generally, in February Book Fairs are arranged across the country. February is related to the history of the Language Movement. That is why February is the month when book fairs are organized.

Bangla Academy arranges the book fair in February. The book fair starts on February 01 and ends on the last day of February. People from all walks of life visit the book fair to buy books. A book fair is a place of get together of writers, publishers, and readers.

The Bangla Academy book fair is known as “Ekushe Boi Mela”. Bangladeshi writers try to hand over a new book to the readers on the occasion of the “Ekushe Boi Mela”. Both the writers and the publishers work hard to publish new books for the readers. The readers also wait the whole year to get new books of their favorite writers.

Old, famous, and rare books are also available at the book fair. The publishers decorate their book stalls very nicely. The decoration of the bookshops and the display of the colorful books attract the readers. They walk around from one stall to another stall to buy books.

The writers and the poets visit the book fair every day. They sit in their respective publisher’s stalls. It’s a great opportunity for the readers to talk to their favorite writers. The readers buy books of their favorite writers. The writers also put their signatures with some words of good wishes on the book.

Some socio-cultural organizations arrange seminars and cultural functions for the visitors to the book fair. The book lovers listen to the speech of speakers. The speakers are scholars, writers, teachers, etc. People enjoy the songs of their favorite singers. Stage dramas by famous actors and actresses are also common features of the book fair depicting our culture, struggle, liberation war, language movement, lifestyle, etc.

A book fair is a great festival even for the kids. As a result, a large number of kids come to the book fair with their parents. There are plenty of books for the kids at a book fair. The parents buy storybooks for the kids. The covers of the books are colorful and beautiful. The kids love the colorful covers of the books.

Apart from book stalls, fast food stalls are also available in one corner of the book fair. Besides buying books people also enjoy fast food, fuchka, or fruit juice. A book fair is a festival for book lovers.

The book fair has become a part and parcel of our culture. A book fair contributes a lot to developing the reading habits of the general masses. This is an excellent place to visit and buy new and old books.

(Paragraph-2): A Book Fair

A book fair or Boi Mela is a meeting place for book lovers, writers, and publishers.

In our country, the largest book fair is the Bangla Academy Book Fair. This book fair is also popularly known as “Amar Ekushey Boi Mela”. The time duration of the fair is the whole February month. Bangla Academy arranges this book fair. The book fair starts in the afternoon and remains open till night.

In the age of social media, book fair brings diversity to the students of schools, colleges, and universities. The students come to the book fair to buy books. They buy different types of books and read the books in their home. This develops their reading habit and keeps them aloof from the screen of mobile phones. They also have a beautiful time with their friends and family. It helps them to get rid of the monotony of their usual schedule.

The book fair is also a great festival for the kids. They come to the fair with their parents. The children become very happy to see a new place and huge people. The excellent decoration of the book stalls and the colorful books attract the kids. The kids are very much eager to buy new books. Some book stalls sell books for kids. A book fair plays a great role in developing kids’ love for books.

Apart from kids and students, people of all ages and professions also visit the book fair to buy books of their own choice. They buy poetry, novels, storybooks, etc. They spend their evening at the book fair.

Every day new book covers are unveiled. Prominent personalities unveil the book covers of new books. Book lovers also remain present at the new book unveiling ceremony.

People get all types of books at a book fair. The categories are textbooks, science fiction, picture books, poetry, storybooks, novels, philosophy, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Book lovers buy the books of their favorite writers. In recent years, Humayun Ahmed is the best seller at the book fair.

Different cultural organizations arrange cultural functions at the premises of Bangla Academy. People of all ages enjoy the functions.

For the visitors to the fair, there are also so many food stalls. The visitors enjoy different types of food in those stalls. Bangla Academy authority monitors the hygiene and quality of the food.

A book fair creates the opportunity for writers, publishers, and readers to meet in a place. Book lovers can meet their favorite writers and buy their books. Publishers and writers also get direct feedback from the readers. A book fair contributes a lot to the flourishing of our literature and culture.

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