Paragraph A School Library for SSC

A school library is an important paragraph for high school students. The paragraph on a school library is also important for the SSC examinees. So, students should emphasize reading and writing this paragraph to get good marks in their exams.

Lots of good wishes to the students.

(Paragraph-1): A School Library

A school library is a venue where different types of books are kept for students and teachers to read. A school library is an extremely essential component of a school.

No school is complete without a library. Our school has a rich library. There is a separate single-floor building for the library. It is a big single-room library. The library is beautiful to look at. The library room has two sections. One section for reading and another section for keeping books.

In the library, the books are arranged on the bookshelves in a planned way. There are separate bookshelves for books on different subjects. Besides textbooks, there are books on travel, history, biography, geography, novels, science fiction, poems, etc. on the bookshelves. Our library has a huge collection of books on various subjects.

The library has more than 5000 books. In the library, there is also a librarian. The librarian helps us to find the book we need. There are adequate chairs, tables, fans and lights in our library. In the reading room, we sit and read books attentively. We also collect books from the library to take home and keep with us for a certain time. The librarian keeps a record of the books in a register. We can take only two books at a time.

The ambiance of the library is calm and quiet. As a result, we can enrich our knowledge by reading books in the favorable environment of the library. The benefit we get from the library is immense.

Except on holidays, our school library remains open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Our school library is a great attraction to us. Whenever we get a chance, we hurry there and start reading books of our choice. We are truly proud of our school library.

(Paragraph-2): Our School Library

School and school library are inseparable parts of one another. Every single school has a library whether it is big or small.

Our school is located in a rural area of Bangladesh. The school is not big enough. There is no modern building or enough modern facilities in our school. But the library of our school is beautiful, well arranged and big enough. Our school library reflects the visionary thinking of our teachers.

Besides textbooks, there are fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, novels, poetry, general knowledge, drama, story, history, etc. books in our school library. Every student has to take and read at least one book a week from the library. This is a rule, tradition, and culture of our school. Our headteacher strongly monitors and ensures that every single student is reading a book from the library.

There is a library class in our class routine for all the classes once a week. Librarian sir helps us to find the right book according to our age. We start reading the book at the library and bring it to our home to complete reading. This is how our school ensures library work and reading books regularly. This excellent system and practice of our school library develop the habit of reading books among the students.

To develop our English language skills our headteacher inspires us to read story books for kids in English. Our vocabulary and English language skills are being developed by reading English storybooks. It is also helping us a lot to do well in our English exam. Our former student elder brothers and sisters are getting good scores in IELTS or TOEFL, who already have passed the SSC from our school. Reading habit of English storybooks surely has a great role in their success in IELTS or TOEFL.

One special program our school library arranges every year for the students is writing short stories or articles based on their reading books from the library. Students write excellent articles on different topics. They also write interesting stories. Besides developing reading habits, our school library plays a superb role in developing the writing skills of the students.

The students and the guardians of our school are happy and grateful to our school authority and teachers for setting up such an excellent school library for us. We are proud of our school library.

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