Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher for SSC and HSC

Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher is a common and important writing topic for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should practice writing the paragraph on my favorite teacher to get good marks in their exams.

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(Paragraph-1): My Favorite Teacher

I am a student in class ten. As I am a student, so many teachers have been teaching me. I love and respect all of them. But whenever someone asks me to mention one specific name of my favorite teacher I tell the name of Mahmud sir, our math teacher.

I always have been weak in Math. Math was a boring subject for me. But Mahmud sir has made math easy and interesting for me. After taking part in some of his math classes the boring subject has become interesting to me.

To remove the monotony of continuous study he tells us some interesting stories at times. Some of the stories are related to math and are not less interesting than other stories. He is a good storyteller. His excellent way of telling stories removes the monotony and stress of studies and the fear of math.

Because of his effort and excellent way of solving math, the subject has become easier and more amusing for all the students. He doesn’t tell us to memorize the formulas of the math. Rather he makes us understand easily the mathematical logic of the formulas. This develops our understanding and strong basics of math.

He is a dedicated teacher. If we do not understand any simple mathematical problem, he doesn’t get annoyed to make us understand again and again. We do not feel uneasy to ask him any questions about math because of his smiling face and good behavior.

Now I get good marks in math in the exams. I also help my friends and cousins understand math. I am grateful to my math teacher. He is my favorite teacher because of his excellent mathematical problem-solving skills and many other good qualities. I am so happy to have such an excellent teacher as my math teacher.

(Paragraph-2): My Favorite Teacher

The name of my favorite teacher is Rashed Alam. We call him Rashed sir. He is our English teacher. He is our class teacher. Rashed sir teaches us both English 1st and 2nd papers.

For various reasons, he is my favorite teacher. He is the favorite teacher of all the students of our school. His teaching style is attractive and interesting. He can make any difficult lesson easy.

Our Rashed sir does not start teaching entering into the class. At first, he exchanges greetings with the students. Then he engages us in some warm-up activities. We play different types of language games. These games help us to develop our language skills. Warm-up activities stimulate us to learn with enthusiasm.

At the time of teaching English grammar, he does not teach us hard and fast rules of grammar. He teaches us grammar through examples. We practice contextual grammar. Practicing grammar in context helps us to understand and learn English grammar and language easily and effectively. So, we do not have a fear of English grammar.

Our English teacher engages us in different activities to develop our English language skills. He makes pairs among students and lets us speak in English with our partners. In our English for Today book there are so many sections to practice speaking in pairs or in groups. During the speaking activity, Rashed sir monitors the whole class. He goes to every single pair and helps them if necessary. Students speak with their friends without fear and shyness. This is an excellent way of developing English speaking skills.

To develop our writing skills, he always discourages us from memorizing any writing topic. Through different techniques, he has been trying to develop our writing skills so that we can write on our own.

He tells us now and then to read English newspapers to enrich our vocabulary. Moreover, he suggests that we should watch English news on TV to develop our listening skills. By following his suggestions, tips, and tricks students now can use English in real life. We are also getting good marks in the exams in English.

He is my favorite teacher because of his excellent way of teaching. For this, I have learned English subconsciously and without giving much effort. Because of his extraordinary teaching style, friendly behavior, smiling face, and huge effort for us, everyone likes him very much.

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