The Uses of computer in Bangladesh Composition

Composition on the Uses of computer in Bangladesh is important for the SSC and HSC exams. This composition is also important for the students of other classes. So, students should have a clear idea about the uses of computer in Bangladesh to write the composition in their exams.

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The uses of computer in Bangladesh

The computer is one of the most important inventions of modern science. Computer helps us to accomplish different tasks quickly and easily. The people of Bangladesh use computers in different sectors for various work.

In Bangladesh, people use this amazing machine intensively for various purposes. Teachers and students use computers to prepare their study materials. They also use computer for research and online study. The teachers prepare question papers, notes, and the results of examinations accurately with the help of a computer. Students get admitted to a school, college, or university by filling up an admission form on the computer.

Educational institutions and education boards can prepare and publish exam results within a short time having no error with the help of computer.

Computer plays a great role in the business sector of Bangladesh. The computer is a must for modern business organizations. With the help of the computer, a business organization maintains communication with its buyers and sellers. To maintain accounts computer is essential. Today design and printing cannot be done without a computer.

Mills and factories in Bangladesh also use computer. Computers and specific software ensure the smooth operation of machines in the factories. This wonderful machine helps to increase the production of the factory. It also helps to maintain the quality of the products.

Shops and restaurants use computer for maintaining the record of transactions, orders, accounts, product inventory, buyers information, etc. The computer has introduced a modern billing system. The computer operator inputs the necessary data and computer instantly prepares a bill for the customer.

Computer has lessened our work and made our lives easy and comfortable. In Bangladesh besides official work people also use computer for their personal purposes. At home, we use computer for recreation. We also use computer for communication.

Computers are widely used in the medical sector for diagnosis and treatment. Doctors use special software and computer for surgery in the operation theatre. Computers are also used for ultrasonography, CT scan, blood test, etc.

Bangladeshi banks are fully computerized. Banks use computer for various purposes. The information of the account holder, daily transactions, debt calculation, LC, salary of the bankers, etc. of a bank are stored in the computers.

In recent times all the government and private offices of Bangladesh have been computerized. People are getting different types of government services with a few clicks of a computer. This is a great benefit for the people. Because of computer people are now free from the hassle of paperwork at government offices.

The Bangladesh army, navy, and air force use computers to keep pace with modern warfare to beat their opponent. The drone operator controls the drone with a computer.

The activities of Bangladeshi airports are computerized like all other international airports. Flight arrival, departure, flight number, terminal number everything is shown on the monitor and fully computerized. Without the help of computer it is not possible for the pilot to fly an airplane.

Young and educated people of Bangladesh are earning a lot by using computers. With the help of computers and the internet, they also can employ themselves in the IT sector. Besides, they work as freelancers in different international markets and earn dollars.

In conclusion, we can say that the computer has become an everyday tool for Bangladeshi people. Bangladeshi people are getting the maximum benefit in every sphere of their lives by using this amazing machine. With the passage of time we hope to get more and more benefits from computer.

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