Grapes are sour story for SSC and HSC

Grapes are sour is an important and common completing story for SSC and HSC exams. So, the students who are going to take part in these exams should practice writing the story multiple times. More and more practice will help them to get rid of grammatical and spelling errors.

(Story-1): Grapes are sour

Once there was a fox in a jungle. One day the fox was hungry. He was looking for food. In search of food, he was walking here and there in the jungle. But he failed to collect any food for him.

At one stage the fox reached a vineyard. The fox looked up and saw so many ripe grapes in the vineyard. There were bunches of ripe grapes on the grape plants. Seeing the ripe grapes his hunger aroused more. The fox wished to eat grapes to get rid of hunger. He could not wait to eat the grapes. But the grape plants were tall. It was not easy for the fox to eat grapes because of the height of the grape plants.

The fox jumped again and again to reach the ripe grapes. But he could not. He also tried to climb the grape plants. The fox also failed on that attempt. He became tired so he took a rest for a while.

After taking a rest the fox again started trying to eat grapes. He was jumping with all his power to catch the grapes. He kept jumping until he became tired. But the position of the grapes was too high for the fox to touch. So, he could not touch and eat the grapes.

He became disappointed and left the place in a sorry mood. In despair, he left the vineyard saying “The grapes are sour”. The fox was saying so to console himself.

(Story-2): The Fox and The Grapes

The jungle is the ideal place for animals to live in. Animals that live in the jungle live on natural food. Animals get enough place to move around in a jungle. Natural food is also available in jungles for animals.

Among all the animals fox is a common animal that lives in the jungle. The fox loves to live in the forest near villages. Because they love chicken, duck, and fruit. Chicken, duck, and fruits are available in villages in the farmers’ houses.

Many years ago, a fox lived in a jungle near a village. The fox was passing his days with utmost happiness because he did not face scarcity of food. Whenever the fox felt hungry, he intruded into a farmer’s yard and took away a chicken or duck to suppress hunger. In this way, his days were passing very well.

One day the fox was walking a lonely road near the village. Suddenly he noticed a vineyard. To see the vineyard the fox became so delighted because grape was his favorite fruit. The fox entered the vineyard to see the condition of the grapes. He saw lots of bunches of grapes on the vine. But the grapes were not ripe. The fox thought within a few days the grapes would ripen and he would enjoy the taste of the grapes.

Again after a few days, the fox came to the vineyard. This time he saw that most of the grapes had ripened. Seeing the ripe grapes, the fox burst out with joy. The color of the ripe grapes was so attractive. The fox went under a grapevine. But the grapevine was too tall for the fox to reach the grapes.

Without losing hope the fox tried to reach the grapes with a jump. But the grapes were hanging too high. So, the fox could not reach the height of the bunch of grapes. But he must eat grapes. So, he attempted for the second time. Running from a long distance for the second time, he jumped with all his strength towards the grapes. He almost reached the grapes. As a result, he became hopeful of reaching and eating the beautiful grapes.

In this way, the fox tried to reach the bunch of grapes several times. But each time he failed narrowly. After several times efforts, the fox became very tired. He realized that he would not be able to eat the grapes because of their height. So, he consoled himself by saying that grapes are sour.

Moral of the story: Some people disparage what they cannot achieve.

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