Story of a King and an Astrologer for HSC

Story completion is a compulsory writing topic for the SSC and HSC examinees. Among all the important stories for the examinees, the story of a king and an astrologer is very interesting and worth reading in one breath.

(Story-1): A King and an Astrologer

A long time ago in the Far East, there was a king who had great faith in the predictions of the astrologers.

One day he heard that a famous astrologer came to visit his state. The king invited the astrologer to the royal court. The astrologer was welcomed at the royal court with great enthusiasm. The king requested the astrologer to stay a few days at the royal palace. The astrologer happily agreed at the king’s request.

The next morning the king inquired the astrologer about the coming days of the king. The astrologer read the future very well by looking at the left palm of the king.

He could see that within a few years, some of the close relatives including the prince and the queen of the king would die. The astrologer was in a dilemma about how he would tell the shocking and tragic prediction to the king.

Instead of saying the facts directly, the Palmist planned to be tricky in his choice of words. Because by knowing the sad reality of the ensuing next few years the king might get upset. The king might even get angry with the astrologer and could sentence him to death.

The king was restless to know about the days ahead. He asked the astrologer to tell the future of the king and his family quickly. The astrologer said, “You are lucky, my dear king. Nobody will remain forever in this world. But you will get the opportunity to take care of your prince and queen in their last days. Your health will be in good condition for the next few years. Special attention should be given to the health of your prince and the queen.”

The king was intelligent enough. Without being intelligent he wouldn’t be a king. He could realize the prophecy of the astrologer. The king became happy with the word choice and outstanding description of the astrologer in depicting the future.

The king gave the sagacious astrologer many valuable gifts and appointed him an honorable adviser of the king.

(Story-2): A King and an Astrologer

The ancient kings were very interested in knowing the future. They were always eager to know what would happen in the days to come. So, all the kings of the old days used to appoint astrologers in their royal courts on high salaries.

Today’s story is about a famous king of a powerful kingdom. Like all other kings of that time, the king of our story also used to believe in the prophecy of the astrologers. There were several royal astrologers in his court. The king always consulted with astrologers of the royal court before making any future decisions.

One day news came to the royal court that a man in shabby clothes in the nearby market could tell details about someone just by looking at them. The stranger could accurately tell, what people ate that day, whether married or single, how many children they had, what their names were, etc. Hearing all these the king ordered his soldiers to bring the astrologer with miraculous power immediately to the royal court. The royal soldiers instantly went to the market and brought the person with supernatural power in front of the king.

The king welcomed the astrologer with a glass of soft drink. The astrologer was asked to sit on a royal seat near to the king. The king asked the astrologer to name the breakfast items the king ate that morning. The astrologer correctly named all the breakfast items. The king became astonished at this. He told his royal employees to manage good food to eat and a cozy room to stay for the astrologer. Turning at the astrologer the king requested him to take a shower, wear a new dress, eat the royal food, and take rest.

The next day the astrologer was brought to the court. The king said, “How was your food last night? Did you have a sound sleep?” The astrologer replied in the affirmative and thanked the king for everything.

After exchanging a few courtesy sentences, the king wanted to know about the future of his kingdom and himself from the astrologer. Addressing as dear lord the astrologer replied that it would take some time to comment about the king’s and kingdom’s future. The king asked the astrologer how long would that take. The astrologer said, “Tonight I will tell you the details.”

That night the king invited the astrologer to have dinner with him. At dinner, the astrologer sought the permission of the king to talk about the probable events that might happen in the upcoming days. The king gladly gave permission.

“Within the next twelve months, there is a high probability of physical assault on you by your enemies. Your neighboring states may attack some parts of your country and capture.” said the astrologer. The king became frightened. He asked the astrologer whether there were any ways to resist the attacks.

In reply, the astrologer suggested dealing with any situation calmly and keeping a watchful eye on the suspicious people. The astrologer also advised the king to strengthen his security along with tightening the security of the vulnerable border areas. “Please remember that all I have said is a prediction according to my knowledge of astrology. My prediction may be right or may be wrong. However, vigilance will help you to avert any untoward incident.” said the astrologer.

The king, in consultation with his most trusted generals, took adequate precautions and strengthened his and the kingdom’s security arrangements. All the steps were taken with utmost secrecy so that the enemies could not perceive the security measures.

After a few months, there was widespread chaos in the state. A stray section of the soldiers revolted against the king. The soldiers of the neighboring kingdoms invaded his country. The king coped with all these very well due to prior preparation.

After getting the situation under his control, the king appointed the astrologer as the chief astrologer of his kingdom. The king thanked the astrologer and fixed a good monthly salary for him.

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