Essay on the Importance of Computer for SSC and HSC

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By reading the essay the readers will be familiar with the following things about computer and the importance of computer,

  • What is computer?
  • Who and when invented the computer?
  • Working process of a computer.
  • How do computers help students and teachers?
  • Role of computer in aviation.
  • Role of computer in trade and commerce.
  • Contribution of computer in medical science.

Essay on the Importance of Computer

The computer is a blessing of modern science. Computer helps us to accomplish different sorts of work easily.

We, human beings, owe a lot to the English mathematician Charles Babbage and American scientist Howard Aiken. They invented this amazing and useful machine. British Charles Babbage and Harvard professor Aiken were the forerunners of making modern computers.

The computer was not invented overnight and also not by one person. Over time this wonderful machine has been developing step by step. Charles Babbage started working to develop an analytical device in 1833. Howard Aiken materialized the idea of Charles Babbage into reality by inventing the first digital computer in 1944.

The computer is absolutely an amazing machine because of its quickness and accuracy. It works super fast without making any mistakes. A computer can solve a huge mathematical problem within a few seconds.

Irrespective of developed and developing countries computers have become the most essential media of education nowadays. This helpful device is essential for both teachers and students. Apart from preparing teaching materials, teachers also prepare exam results accurately with the help of computers. Students use computer to get their necessary learning content from the internet.

The computer is such an essential device for students and teachers that presently they cannot think of their studies and research without computer. At the time of the pandemic schools, colleges, and universities across the planet were closed for sine die. But it was computer that ensured the continuation of education by connecting the teachers and students through the internet. As a result, students did not face any study gap.

Modern people use computers in every sector. The computer is used in education, recreation, medical science, agriculture, commerce, industrial production, military technology, transportation, aviation, information technology, space science, and many more. It has lessened our toil and saved our time. In a word, computers have made our lives easy and comfortable.

In the medical sector, medical professionals use computer for diagnosis and treatment. Different institutes and systems including banks, government and private offices, business organizations, publishing and printing houses, aviation, and shipping cannot function without computer.

The computer is a must for modern trade and commerce. Modern business houses cannot think of running their business without computers and the necessary software. At present, there is no alternative to computer for the design and printing business.

Airplanes in the sky find the right path to reach their destination with the help of computer technology. The autopilot system helps the pilot to fly an airplane smoothly. By collecting different data like airplane speed, altitude of the airplane, and the turbulence of the air, the autopilot analyzes the data with the help of computer and works meticulously almost like a pilot.

Computer technology and systems help sailors to navigate their ships safely in the deep sea. Wind pressure, the direction of wind flow, the air temperature on the sea, and the direction of ocean currents – information on all these are important for the safe navigation of a ship. The computer system in a ship analyzes data of all these essential indicators and provides correct information to the sailors.

Computer and internet technology work hand in hand. It means computers and the internet work together. With the help of the internet, we can communicate with people of any country from anywhere in the globe with just a click of the mouse on our computer within a moment. Thus, online communication has brought a revolutionary change in quick communication between buyers and sellers. Through the internet and computer, we can send and receive emails, images, different types of files, audio, video, etc. across the world within the twinkle of an eye.

Young and educated people of Bangladesh are earning a lot from home and abroad by using computer. Computer is being used as a tool for self-employment in all countries of the world including Bangladesh. People who are proficient in computer operations earn money from the international marketplace as freelancers.

Though computer has so many merits it also has some demerits. It causes problems with the eyesight of the user. Long-time use of computer causes back pain of the users. The computer can also cause great disaster if the programming is wrong.

From the above discussion, we came to know many points about the importance of computer. So, in conclusion, we must agree that computer is one of the most important machines in the world and its importance is limitless.

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