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Victory Day of Bangladesh

16th December is the victory day of Bangladesh. After a nine-month-long bloody war, we snatched away the victory on this day from the Pakistani rulers. For a free and sovereign country, we paid a huge price and that is the blood of the millions of people.

To protest the oppression and injustice of the then-Pakistani rulers Bangali people raised their voices. The Pakistan military and the leaders did not want to ensure justice and equality between the two parts of the then Pakistan. Rather they plotted a conspiracy against the Banglai people. They wanted to stop the voice of the Bangali people. They wanted to deprive the rights of the Bangali people.

On the night of 25th March 1971, the Pakistani army swooped on the innocent people of Dhaka and started a mass killing. The Bangali people also fought back and started to fight with the Pakistani army. Our Freedom Fighters fought bravely to free our dear motherland. The war continued for a long nine months till the occupying army surrendered.

On 16th December 1971, the Pakistan army was compelled to surrender. On the afternoon of the 16th of December, the Pakistani army signed the surrender paper in Dhaka. Bangladesh emerged as an independent country.

Thousands of Freedom Fighters and three million civilians sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Bangladesh. Every year Bangladesh observes 16th December as victory day in a befitting manner.

The morning of the victory day starts with 31 cannon fire to pay homage to the liberation war martyrs. The president and the prime minister issue separate messages greeting the countrymen on the occasion of victory day. They place floral wreaths at the National Memorial of Savar to pay tribute to the martyrs. People from all walks of life gather at the National Memorial to pay homage to the war heroes.

Combined forces hold a colorful parade at the National Parade Ground to mark the day. The National Flag is hoisted atop all the offices and educational institutes. Different socio-cultural organizations and educational institutions arrange special programs to celebrate the day. National dailies bring out special supplements highlighting the significance of the day.

Special food is served in jails, hospitals, orphanages, old-age homes, etc. All children’s parks and museums remain open for all without tickets.

The day is a public holiday. 16th December is a historic day in the national life of Bangladeshi people. Victory Day is a day of pride for the Bangladeshi people.

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