Essay on Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places:

Smoking should be banned in public places is a hot topic in recent times. As a result, essay on smoking should be banned in public places has become a common writing topic.

The statement, “Smoking should be banned in public places” or the question, “Why smoking should be banned in public places?” is a common and important essay for public examinations and also for the competitive examinations to get a job.

The writer of this essay has used simple and easy English to write the essay so that students and other readers can easily read and understand the essay.

By reading the essay the readers will be familiar with the following concepts or terms:

  • Social reason for banning smoking in public places.
  • Benefits of banning smoking in public places.
  • Health reasons for banning smoking in public places.
  • Smoking in public places inspires others to smoke.
  • Risk of fire.
  • The root of crime.
  • The root of the addiction.
  • Violation of law.
  • Pollutes air and environment.
  • Unethical.


We all know that smoking is not good for good health. Smoking puts a barrier to a smoker to be fit physically and mentally. On the packets of the cigarette, we find the statement “cigarette kills’’. A smoker knows all these health hazards. Nevertheless, he smokes. But whenever he smokes in a public place this poses a great threat to others.

Smoking in public places should be banned for social reasons:

People visit public places with their friends and family. In public places, women and kids are also available to enjoy their free time. If smokers smoke in such a place where children and women are passing their time with other family members it is the worst look of that place. Besides, smoking in public places should not be allowed because of its ugly appearance. We live in a society and every society has its own values. No society allows smokers to smoke in public and in front of children and women. In public places, there may be aged and sick people. Poisonous elements of cigarettes will harm their health.

Benefits of banning smoking in public places:

In a public place where smokers cannot smoke, people of all ages feel comfort to visit. Even a smoker who has a family selects that place to visit with his family members. Because, though he is a smoker he knows the bad sides of smoking.  

Smoking in public places should be banned for health reasons:

There are two common and familiar words in the world. One is active smoking and the other one is passive smoking. The person who smokes the cigarette is an active smoker. And the persons who are not smokers but they are becoming affected by the smoke of cigarettes. These persons are passive smokers. Passive smoking is not less harmful than active smoking. Smokers do not have the right to cause harm to non-smokers. This is a serious health hazard. Children become seriously affected by the smoke of cigarettes. By banning smoking in public places and implementing the law government can reduces the risk of health hazards of passive smoking. So, for health reasons smoking in open places where people of all ages gather for various purposes must be banned.

Inspires others to smoke:

Children generally love to do things that other people do. They love to imitate. Because they are not mature enough to judge what is right and what is wrong. If they see someone smoking in front of them in a public place, they may think that growing up they will also do the same thing that the smoker is doing. That’s why allowing smoking in public places poses a great threat to our society as well as to the country.

Risk of fire:

We often see the news in the newspaper that a fire broke out from the butt of cigarettes. Generally, most of the smokers do not care about the risk of fire from the cigarettes they throw here and there in public places. As a result, sometimes incidents of fire take place and cause a heavy loss to property and sometimes to the lives of human beings.

The root of crime:

We know that smoking is the root of all crimes. Smoking is expensive. The people especially the young people who do not have money to buy cigarettes involved in crime to collect money to buy cigarettes. At first, they involve themselves in small crimes, and with the passage of time, they become a professional criminal.

The root of drug addiction:

Experts say that the first step of drug addiction is smoking cigarettes. Addiction starts with cigarettes and over time this turns into dangerous drug addiction. If there is no restriction on smoking in public places, it will have more or less impact on spreading drug addiction.

Violation of law:

There is the law not to smoke in public places. If someone smokes in a public place the law says that he has to pay a certain amount of money as a fine. Moreover, nobody has the right to create a public nuisance. Smoking in public places where so many non-smokers, children, and women are staying is a great public nuisance.

Air and environmental pollution:

There are enormous number of poisonous elements in the smoke of cigarettes. So, whenever someone smokes in a public place he is spreading a lot of poisonous elements in the air. Thus a smoker is polluting the air. Moreover, a smoker throws away his cigarette butt here and there in a public place. A cigarette butt does not decompose within a short period of time and causes environmental pollution.

Smoking in public places is not ethical:

It is one of the most important reasons to ban smoking in public places. By smoking a smoker is forcing other people to smoke in a passive way. The smoker does not have this right. This is quite unethical. He is polluting the air. He is making the environment dirty and polluted by throwing the parts of the cigarettes.


Smokers should be conscious of the public nuisance of smoking in a public place. He should be aware of others’ health. Above all the authorities concerned should be strict to maintain the smoking-free zone in the public places.

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