Rescuing a drowning boy story for HSC

The story of rescuing a drowning boy is a common story for the students of schools and colleges. Teachers sometimes set this story in the question paper. So, students should read the story to be familiar with the events of the story.

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Rescue of a drowning boy

I am a student in class twelve. Our college starts at 10.00 am. So, I take my bath at 9.00 am and put on my college dress to go to college. I live in a village. And there is a river by the side of our house. Every day I bathe in the river.

Last Monday I went to the riverside to have my bath. I was getting prepared to get down to the river. Just at that moment, I saw two schoolboys bathing in the river water. One of the boys was diving into the water. The boy was drowning. At first, I could not realize the fact.

I asked the other boy whether his friend knew how to swim. The boy replied in the negative and said, “He does know how to swim.” I was at a loss at the incident. Without wasting a moment, I dived into the water to rescue the boy.

As it was a river, the water was muddy. As a result, on my first dive, I could not trace the young boy. I came up to the river water to take a breath. After taking a breath I again dived into the river water to find out the boy. Because of the muddy water, I couldn’t see anything. I was just searching using my two hands. This time I was lucky because I could touch the body of the boy. Holding the hand of the boy I dragged him to the river bank.

I lift up the boy keeping him in my arms. Then I put the boy on the ground of the riverside. The boy was unconscious. I was a member of the rover scout in our college. From special scout training, I learnt how to give first aid treatment to a drowning person. So, without delay, I gave first aid treatment to the boy. It was my pleasure that with my little effort after a couple of minutes, the boy opened his eyes.

In the meantime, many people reached the spot. Hearing the incident, the parents of the boy also came to the spot. I told them to take the boy to the nearest hospital.

People who were present on the spot praised my courage and effort. They also thanked me. The father and mother of the boy praised me highly. They were crying. The parents of the boy prayed to the Almighty for me. I will never forget the incident in my life.

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