Paragraph on The Necessity of Email for SSC and HSC

The paragraph on the necessity of email is important for the students of schools and colleges. Email is a modern communication technology. So, students should be familiar with email technology. By reading the paragraph the readers will get a clear idea about email and the necessity of email.

Email has plenty of advantages. In short, the advantages are:

  • Fast and easy.
  • Maintains privacy.
  • Can send audio, video, and images.
  • It is secured.
  • Email is cost-effective.
  • One-to-one communication.
  • Ensures keeping the copy of sending mail in the sent box.

The Necessity of Email

The acronym of electronic mail is email. Email is the most modern communication system of the present world. Through email, people can contact one another within a moment without any cost.

MIT first invented email for internal use in 1965. But Roy Tomlinson has international recognition as the inventor of email. In 1971, he first sent mail from one computer to another.

Nowadays people use email for their official and personal purpose. A modern office cannot think of running its daily activities without the help of email. Through email, a person can send a file, message, audio, video, image, etc. As a result, communication has become easier between person to person and office to office.

The email has numerous benefits. It is simple and super-fast. So, it saves time and helps to communicate fast. The receiver is just one click away from the sender. Another important benefit of email is privacy. Because of one-to-one communication, there is a zero percent probability of information leakage. Password is also a great security protection for email.

Email is the best technology for sending and receiving confidential files. Using email technology is almost free of cost. It does not require paper, transport, or a delivery person to send any document or file. As a result, to use email technology extra budget is not required. But for traditional postal mail, extra money and time is required. Time is very important in modern society. The email has saved the time of modern people.

Email is also important for teachers and students. Students can submit their homework and assignments through email. A teacher can give notes or suggestions to the students easily through email by attaching files.

The CEO or the manager of an office can easily share the latest information with their staff through email. The senior officials can give instructions to the junior officials instantly. So, it is clear that email technology increases the speed of the work of a workstation.

But in the past, it took days to send any information to distant workplaces through postal mail. Sometimes the letters went missing. But email technology has freed people from this hassle. Now people can send any message or file just with one click within a moment.

We can use email with the help of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. So, wherever we are we can send and receive email. This is also a great benefit of modern email technology. Whenever we send an email to someone, the exact copy of the email remains in our sent box. This works just like a record house.

Having an email account is a must nowadays. Because to get various online services from any app or website we have to create a personal account. At the time of opening an account on social networking sites or any other websites submitting an email address is a must.

The process of creating an email account is super easy. Suppose, we are willing to create an email account with Gmail. The service of Gmail is free. We have to go to Gmail from a browser. Then we have to put some basic information according to the account opening rules. For more security, we can turn on two-step verification. Two-step verification will help us to keep our email account safe and secure from hackers.

We get email services from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Proton Mail, etc. Most of the people around the world use Gmail because Gmail is a service of Google.

Modern people cannot pass a single day without the help of email. So, we can say that email is our digital friend. This friend is loyal and faithful. We get immense benefits from this ultra-modern useful and helpful friend. We owe modern email technology for helping us in many ways.

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