Write a letter to your friend about how to adjust to the climate of a foreign country

Writing a letter to a friend about how to adjust to the climate of a foreign country is an important informal letter for HSC examinees. So, the students of classes eleven and twelve should know how to write a letter to a friend about how to adjust to the climate of a foreign country.

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(Letter-1): Letter to a friend about how to adjust to the climate of a foreign country

June 21, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Sabrina,

Lots of good wishes for you. Yesterday, I got your mail. I am happy to know that you have reached Fairfax City, Virginia safe and sound. I am proud of you. Because you have got a 100% scholarship from the famous George Mason University (GMU) in the USA.

You know I also studied at George Mason University. It is an awfully beautiful university. The campus of the university seems like a piece of art. The standard of education at this university is incomparable. GMU is one of the best state universities in the USA.

In your mail, you mentioned the fluctuation of the temperature in Fairfax City. For your kind information, I would like to mention here that I saw six seasons in a single day in the USA. Suppose, at 7.00 AM the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. Just after two hours at 9.00 AM, the temperature may fall to 5 degrees Celsius. So, you will face a problem if you do not take warm clothes with you.

You always should carry a bag with you. Keep warm clothes and an umbrella inside the bag wherever you go. Bangladesh is a tropical country. So, when it rains in Bangladesh the temperature does not fall sharply. But in the USA the temperature falls rapidly when it starts raining. In this situation, you must have an umbrella and warm clothes with you.

In winter sometimes the temperature goes down below zero. Snow falls around. You can enjoy this environment. But make sure that you have taken all the protection to survive the biting cold of winter. However, the winter in Virginia is not too cold like in North or South Dakota.

The summer is hot but not as hot as in Bangladesh. You will enjoy the temperature of the spring and the fall. But keep it in mind that in every season the temperature fluctuates in the twinkle of an eye. You will experience a lot of rain in spring and fall.

Hope you will enjoy your days in the USA. No more today. Stay well.

Your loving friend


House#07, Road#21, Sector#03George Mason University
Uttara, DhakaFairfax City, Virginia, USA

(Letter-2): Letter to a friend about how to adjust to the climate of a new country

Suppose, you are Omi and live in Dhaka. Sazzad is your close friend. Last month Sazzad went to Finland to study. Yesterday you received a letter from Sazzad. He has been facing problems coping with the new climate of Finland because of the cold temperature of Finland. So, now write a letter to Sazzad about how to cope with the new climate.

December 03, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Sazzad,

Take my cordial love. Hope everything is okay except the new weather. Yesterday I received your letter. You are in a problem with the cold temperature of Helsinki.

Bangladesh is a country of average tropical temperature. So, you are not used to the severe cold temperature of a country like Finland. After getting your letter I checked the temperature of Helsinki on Google. It was -11 degrees Celsius yesterday. It’s an extremely cold temperature for a Bangladeshi person.

You should not go out right now. I believe this temperature will not continue for a long time. Talk to your university teachers. They will give you suggestions on what to do. You are a full-fledged scholarship student at the University of Helsinki. So, I am sure the university authority will do everything for you.

However, as a friend, I would like to give you a few suggestions to cope with the new climate. Keep the temperature of your room suitable for you. Don’t take a shower with cold water and don’t drink cold water. Eat hot food and use a blanket while sleeping.

You also should drink beverages like fruit juice and hot coffee. Because such types of beverages will help your body fight against this severely cold weather. Always wear the dress that the native people put on. However, I believe it will not take a long time for you to adapt to the new climate and environment of Finland.

I hope over time you will be able to adjust to the new climate of the new country. Stay well and safe. Best wishes to you.

Your loving friend


House#4, Road#02, Sector#07University of Helsinki
Uttara, DhakaHelsinki, Finland

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