Write a letter to a friend describing a street accident

Writing a letter to a friend describing a street accident is an important informal letter for SSC and HSC examinations. So, students of schools and colleges should read and write the letter multiple times. More and more practice will help them to write the letter without making a single grammatical or spelling mistake.

(Letter-1): To a friend describing a street accident

Suppose, you are Jayed a student of class 10. On the way to your home from school, yesterday you saw a road accident. Now write a letter to your friend Abid describing the street accident.


June 19, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Abid,

Today I am writing to you about a shocking incident. It was an accident. The terrible accident took place just before my eyes. I am still in trauma seeing such a horrible accident.

Yesterday I was coming back home from my school. It was about 4.00 PM. I was waiting on the footpath to cross the road near our residence. Just at that moment, I saw a young boy riding a motorcycle at high speed. There was no helmet on the head of the young biker. Right at that moment a speedy car was coming from the opposite direction. The motorbike and the car collided head-on. There was a horrible sound over the collision. The biker fell down on the street. The biker was seriously wounded.

People around the accident spot rushed to the spot. I also went near the accident spot. I was shocked to see the miserable condition of the biker. He got hurt in different parts of his body. His head was seriously wounded because he had no helmet. I was in a fix on what to do.

There were some kind-hearted men on the spot. They hired a rickshaw instantly to take the victim to the hospital. It was an amazing scene when I saw that one person took the biker on his lap while sitting on the rickshaw on the way to the hospital.

I came back home with a sad heart. It will be difficult for me to forget the memory of the tragic accident. I hope the young biker will be ok soon.

No more today. Please keep me in your prayers. Stay well.

Your loving friend


House#10, Road#11, Sector#03177 West Shewrapara
Uttara, DhakaMirpur, Dhaka

(Letter-2): To a friend describing a street accident

Suppose, you are a student. On Eid vacation, you are going to your native village to celebrate Eid with your family members. On the way to your destination, you witnessed a tragic road accident. Now write a letter to your friend describing the accident.


May 3, 2024

College Road, Bogura

Dear Rafi,

I reached home safe and sound but on my way home I witnessed such a tragic accident that I will never forget in my life.

You know my home district is Bogura. We have to cross Jamuna Bridge to go to Bogura. Before crossing the bridge every single vehicle has to pay money as a toll to cross the bridge. Because of the huge traffic, there was a long queue of vehicles at the toll plaza.

My seat was in front of the bus. Our bus was advancing slowly and it was on the left side of the road. I was looking in front of the windshield. All of a sudden, I noticed a truck was coming over speed on the right side of the road. It seemed to me that the truck driver lost control of the truck. Within a couple of seconds, the truck hit a bus from the back which was going towards Dhaka.

The collision was very fierce. The front part of the truck and the back part of the bus twisted badly. The truck driver and his helper were wounded seriously. The passengers of the bus who were in the back seats of the bus were seriously injured.

The traffic halted for the time being. Common people and the members of the law enforcement agencies started rescue operations immediately. They started sending the injured to the nearest hospital using different types of vehicles. Everything was happening just in front of my eyes. I was bewildered and lost the strength to move at such a horrible sight just before my eyes.

After an hour our bus started moving towards the bridge. I came home with a very depressed mind.

Your loving friend


College Road, Bogura167 Shanti Nagar

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