Story of The Fox and The Crane

The Story of The Fox and The Crane is a famous moral story. By reading the story we clearly understand that we will get the exact treatment of how we treated other people. We cannot expect different things. So, we always should be careful to treat people whether they are known or unknown.

The Story of The Fox and The Crane is also an important story for the SSC and HSC examinees. So, students should emphasize reading and writing the story of the fox and the crane with attention. This will help them to prepare well for their exams.

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Story of The Fox and The Crane

Long ago there was a big and beautiful pond in a jungle. The pond was full of fish. A group of cranes lived in that jungle. Every day the cranes came by the pond to catch and eat fish.

A fox also lived near the pond. To drink water from the pond the fox also came by the pond every day. The fox used to notice that the cranes caught fish and had their lunch eating fish.

The fox also wanted to catch fish to eat. However, fishing was difficult for the fox because he did not know how to swim and how to catch fish. So, the fox used to look at the cranes during lunchtime helplessly. There was a kind-hearted crane who noticed the helpless situation of the hungry fox.

The soft-hearted crane went near to the fox with a fish at her beak. She put the fish in front of the fox and requested him to eat the fish. The fox became happy at the hospitality of the beautiful crane. He was super hungry so the fox instantly ate the fish. The fox became grateful to the crane because, after a long time, he had such a delicious lunch. So, he thanked the crane and offered her to make friends with him. The crane accepted the offer of friendship from the fox.

From then every day the fox and the crane met by the pond. The crane caught fish for herself and also for the fox. They were passing their days happily.

Over time, their friendship became deep. So, one day the fox invited the crane to his home to have dinner. The crane accepted the invitation joyfully. On the day of dinner, the crane took some beautiful gifts for her friend. The crane flew to the home of the fox.

Reaching in front of the door of the fox the crane knocked on the door with her beak. The fox was waiting for his close friend. So, he instantly opened the door and requested her to go inside the home. The crane entered the home of the fox and handed over the gifts. The fox became so happy having his favorite gifts though he said that it was not necessary.

The two friends were gossiping till they felt hungry. So, it was the time of dinner. The fox went inside the kitchen. He readied the dinner earlier. The dinner item was only soup. So, the fox just heated the soup.

The fox was somewhat naughty. He wanted to make fun of his dear friend. So, he played a prank with the crane. He used two flat plates to serve soup. One plate for himself and another one for the crane. As the beak of the crane was long and narrow she couldn’t enjoy the soup. She was really hungry so she tried repeatedly to have the soup but in vain. She became upset and left the house of the fox empty stomach.

The crane decided to teach the fox a good lesson. So, after a couple of days, the crane invited her friend the fox to her home to attend a dinner party. The fox accepted the invitation readily and with pleasure. So, on the day of the program, the fox dressed up well. The fox took some flowers for his dear friend the crane. In the evening the fox reached the home of the crane.

The crane received her close friend the fox cordially. They started talking about various topics. Their gossip went on for about an hour. Then it became time for dinner. The crane went inside the kitchen to bring food for dinner.

Just after a while the crane came out from the kitchen with two jars in her hand. The jars were long and the neck of the jars were narrow. The crane placed the jars in front of her friend Fox. She requested her friend to start enjoying dinner. There was fish soup inside the jar.

The crane could easily put her long beak inside the jar. So, the crane was enjoying the soup. But the fox could not taste the soup as the upper side of the jar was so narrow. The fox was super hungry but he could not enter his head inside the jar. So, he was devoid of enjoying the tasty soup.

The fox could realize that it was a lesson from his friend because of his previous misdeed. He apologized to the crane and promised that he would never do wrong. The crane accepted the apology of the fox. She pardoned her friend. Since then, they have been leading a happy life around the pond in the forest.

Moral of the story:

  1. As you sow, so will you reap.
  2. People will treat you the same way you treat them.

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