Story of a wise judge for SSC and HSC

Completing the story of a wise judge is an important writing topic for the examinees of SSC and HSC. So, the students should put emphasis on reading and writing the story repeatedly to get good marks in the exam.

Best wishes to the students.

Story of a Wise Judge

Once there was a rich man in a small town. He was the richest person in the town. So, he had many servants in his house to serve him and his family members. One day a precious ornament of gold was lost from his house……………………………….

The gold ornament was a heavy and beautiful necklace of his wife. It was an expensive necklace. He gave it to his wife as a gift for their marriage anniversary. The best goldsmith in the town made it with pure gold.

The rich man and all the members of the family searched everywhere in their house to find the necklace. They searched every possible nook and corner of the house. They also searched the adjacent area of the house to get the necklace. But all their effort got in vain. They did not find the necklace.

Finding no other way, the family members of the rich man suggested to inform the local court. According to the suggestion of his family members, the rich man submitted a written complaint to the local court to get the necklace back.

The judge of the court was a highly educated person. He was also famous for his intelligence and wisdom. The wise judge summoned all the members and the servants of the rich man’s house to his court. He eyed all of them very carefully. As he was a sagacious and experienced judge, he realized that someone among the servants theft the necklace.

The judge asked the servants who stole the necklace. He told them that they could confess without fear. The wise judge assured them that if they confessed to the theft, he would not punish them. But nobody confessed to the theft of the necklace. So, the judge could not find out the suspect or the thief easily.

The judge hit upon a plan to trace the suspect. He told the court employees to bring some sticks of the same size. The people who worked in the court collected and brought some sticks of the same size. The wise judge then gave a single stick to each servant and told them to submit the same stick to the court the next day. He also told them that whoever had stolen the necklace his stick would be one inch longer within 24 hours.

The thief was someone really among the servants. So, the culprit thought that if he cut his stick one inch the judge would not be able to trace him as a thief. As a result, the main culprit cut his stick at night with a sharp knife by one inch.

The next day everyone submitted their sticks in front of the judge. The judge saw that one stick was one inch shorter than the other sticks. So, the wise judge could easily find out the real thief. Thus, the rich man could get back the necklace of his wife and thanked the wise judge.

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