Composition Population problem in Bangladesh for SSC and HSC

The population problem in Bangladesh is an important composition for the students of schools and colleges. This composition is also important for job seekers.

Nevertheless, by reading the composition population problem in Bangladesh everyone will know the danger of overpopulation and the ways to control it.

After reading the composition the readers will know the following facts:

  • The population could be both an asset and a problem for a country. How and why?
  • The total area of Bangladesh.
  • Total number of people in Bangladesh.
  • Statistics of the density of population in Bangladesh.
  • Graph of population growth rate.
  • Different types of problems related to overpopulation.
  • How overpopulation results in environmental disaster.
  • The vicious cycle of poverty.
  • The ways to control overpopulation.

(Composition-1): Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population is the most important element of a country. But it becomes a problem when the population becomes unusually high in proportion to its land area.

A large number of people live in Bangladesh. Because of the small area of land, it’s difficult for Bangladesh to produce enough food to feed all the people. As a result, overpopulation is now a burden for the smooth development of Bangladesh.

The area of Bangladesh is 1,48,460 square kilometers. According to the census of 2022, the total number of populations in Bangladesh is 16,51,58,616. Among them 8,17,12,824 are male and 8,33,47,206 are female.

The population density of Bangladesh in 2023 is about 1168 people per square kilometer. The statistics show the alarming density of the population in Bangladesh.

Food shortage is a common scenario in Bangladesh because of overpopulation. To meet the demand of millions of people every year Bangladesh has to import food, edible oil, onion, wheat, maize, milk powder, etc. from different countries. Bangladesh spends valuable foreign currency to import all these products.

The land of Bangladesh is very fertile. We can export our agricultural products by controlling overpopulation. But the real scenario is we import many agricultural products to feed a huge number of people. Because Bangladesh is an over-populated country.

The number of our population is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. For extra people, we need extra houses. So, to ensure the roof over the head of extra people every year Bangladeshi people are building new houses on their cultivable land. The ultimate result is they are losing their fertile land for farming.

Because of overpopulation, students cannot get admitted to good schools and colleges. Both in cities and in villages the classrooms are overcrowded. Sometimes more than 100 students are seen to take part in their classes. Such type of large classroom can never ensure a good learning environment.

The scenario of the government hospitals is also the same. There is always a huge rush of patients in a government hospital. However, the number of doctors, nurses, and beds is limited. As a result, patients do not get proper treatment. Overpopulation is the only reason for this issue.

There is always a heavy rush on the bus, train, or in the streets only because of the large number of people. In public places, there is always a huge rush. Because of overpopulation traffic jam is a common issue in all the cities and towns of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh does not have the natural resource of fuel. But we know fuel is a very important element of modern society. Without fuel, nothing can run. The government has to spend a huge amount of money to buy fuel and food for a huge number of people. To create employment the government cannot spend enough money because the government is spending money to buy fuel and food. The ultimate result is the unemployment problem. This is the main reason for poverty and this is called the vicious cycle of poverty.

Most couples do not adopt family planning. So, they give birth to a new member every year. As the family is not planned, they cannot provide good food, treatment, and education for the members of their family. Moreover, they suffer from malnutrition as they do not have enough nutritious food. As a result, they do not get jobs because they are not properly educated and physically fit. Finally, they fall into the vicious cycle of poverty and remain poor.

Overpopulation deteriorates the law and order situation in society. Because of overpopulation, a large number of young people remain unemployed. As a result, they get involved in various anti-social activities to earn money by breaking law and order.

Unemployment is a great curse. And the main reason behind unemployment is overpopulation. Employment opportunity in the government and the non-government sector is not unlimited. But every year a large number of educated and uneducated young people are coming into the job market.

Overpopulation is the root cause of the environmental disaster. Water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution, radioactive pollution, etc. all are environmental pollution and overpopulation is responsible for environmental pollution.

Sustainable development is not possible because of overpopulation. To ensure comprehensive development overpopulation must be controlled.

Ways to get rid of the curse of overpopulation

Our government must ensure quality education for one and all to put a pause on population growth. Only an educated person can play an important role in preventing population growth. So, it is the responsibility of the state to make all the people conscious by spreading the light of education across the country.

Apart from education, the government also should take some more effective measures to control population growth. The family planning division should be more active. More manpower should be appointed and a good amount of budget should be allocated for the family planning division so that they can bring a good and fruitful result.

In addition, a huge campaign should be launched by the government through electronic and print media to make the people conscious of the good side of family planning and the bad side of population explosion. Moreover, incentives for a small family could be a good step to control the population explosion. Besides, there should be some lessons in the textbooks of schools and colleges to make the students conscious of the bad effects of overpopulation and large families.

(Composition-2): Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population is the number one asset of a country. However, it has become a problem because of overpopulation in Bangladesh.

Because of the small area of land, Bangladesh cannot produce enough food for its huge population. So, instead of becoming a blessing the population of Bangladesh has become a great problem.

The area of Bangladesh is 1,48,460 square kilometers. According to the census of 2022 of the Bangladesh government, the total number of populations in Bangladesh is about 165 million. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. In 2021 about 1145 people lived per square kilometer.

The people of Bangladesh and its economy mostly depend on agriculture. Because of the huge number of people on a small amount of land, Bangladesh is not self-sufficient in food.

We import many food products to meet the food deficiency for the huge number of people. As there is a big gap between agricultural production and demand we have to import different food products spending a good amount of foreign currency every fiscal year.

To meet the demand for housing for the increasing number of people every year Bangladesh is losing its cultivable land for building new houses.

Because of overpopulation, there are 70 or 80 students in a classroom. So, the students cannot hear the lecture of their teachers properly. Patients face problems in hospitals getting treatment and having beds only because of overpopulation.

The government has to spend most of the revenue to buy fuel and food. That’s why the government cannot invest enough money in creating employment. As a result, a large number of people in Bangladesh remain unemployed. The main reason behind unemployment is overpopulation. Because employment opportunity is limited and fixed.

The main way to prevent the population explosion is by educating every single person in the country. An educated man or woman knows the terrible consequences of population explosion.

We all know that population is an asset for a country. But overpopulation is a curse. So, to get rid of this curse and for sustainable development we should control our population.


The government can make laws to get rid of the curse of overpopulation. Moreover, we should keep in mind that this is a national problem. So, we should not only look at the government. The educated and conscious people of the society should also come forward to make general people conscious of the dire consequences of overpopulation.

The decline of the population growth rate in Bangladesh is showing us the light of hope. Because over time the population growth rate is decreasing gradually in our country. In 1980 the population growth rate was 2.7% but in 2020 it was only 1%.

The consciousness of every single citizen of the country can bring a positive change in population control. Otherwise, the population which is the best blessing of a country will be a burden and problem for our country.

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