Composition My Hobby

Composition my hobby is important for the students of schools and colleges. Students should go through the composition of my hobby in such a way so that they can write it well in their answer script to get good marks. Repeated reading and writing will help the students to write the composition my hobby without making any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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(Composition-1): My Hobby

My hobby is programming. I love programming because it is the basis of all sorts of IT-related problems and solvation to those problems.

A couple of years ago or in the past people’s hobbies were singing, reading books, gardening, etc. But with the passage of time, hobbies have changed. Now we are more related to technology. For this reason, my hobby is programming.

 I am a student in class ten. As I read in science, it would be easy for me in the future, to carry on my passion by learning how to program properly. By programming, today’s technology is working properly.

Programming actually is problem-solving technology. To fix the problems related to software or apps or web pages, programming is a must. Through it, we can build apps. And I like it for some reasons. By programming, I can utilize my time very efficiently. Unlike others, I am utilizing my free time to learn a skill.

Everyone’s hobby has a reason. Most of them are only for mental pleasure. But my hobby is something different. Programming helps me solve many technical problems. Through programming, I am learning to create apps and many other related things.

With the help of programming, I want to build apps that will be very useful and helpful to all. Already there are a lot of apps and websites which are some big milestones in this category.

In the future, I want to build apps to help farmers in their work. In that app, I will add functions through which they will be able to keep their records of buying and selling goods and their profit and loss.

I would also like to create an app for the students that will help them to solve their doubts and make their studies more interesting. Because in our country, students are not much interested in studies. By making the study interesting I will be able to make them study. So the students will prosper in the future.

I have chosen computer programming as my hobby because it will help me help the world in many ways. We all know that Bangladesh is not very advanced in drone technology. But many countries have already started using drones to their best. And these drones work with the help of programming. The programs that are set in them, help them to work. So, I’ll create new and advanced computer programming language with the help of existing programming language which can be used to build advanced or high-tech drones.

Our country’s relationship with Myanmar is not so good at this moment. So, the soldiers need to guard/keep an eye on the borders of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The border regions are hilly regions. So, deploying soldiers is a tough job. Through programming language, a drone with special abilities to keep an eye on the borders can be created.

Programming also is used in the case of trains. Recently, the Padma Bridge’s railway track has been an important topic to discuss. As it is a one-way track, if trains from both sides come, a very big accident can occur. So, I will make an app that will stop a train within a few seconds that will be crossing the Padma Bridge from the opposite direction. If a train starts passing from one end of the bridge, the other side’s entry will automatically be closed. And that will be notified of the upcoming train in time by the software or app. So, a probable accident can be stopped from occurring with the help of programming.

I started programming just a year ago. And soon I felt that it was the best thing for me to learn and use in the future for the development of my country. I practice it often in my free time. As it has a nice future, I will choose higher-level programming learning in my future studies.

(Composition-2): My Hobby

The tastes of human beings are different. That is why their hobbies are also different. Hobbies vary from person to person.

Hobbies could be different in different countries. It also could be different for different ages. The hobbies of males and females also could be different. The hobbies of a kid and an adult person are generally different.

I am a young student. I live in an urban area. My age and my locality have a great impact on my hobby. Among various hobbies my favourite hobby is photography.

There are various niches for photography. One can choose a particular niche for photography. I have chosen two niches or subjects for photography. One is nature and the other one is food.

To be a good photographer one must need some skillset. A good device is also necessary to shoot an eye-catching photograph. Lighting is also important to take a nice photo. Perseverance is also required to be a good photographer.

To be a perfect photographer, a photography course is also important as photography is related to technology and creativity. I have completed a short photography course from Dhaka University Photographic Society. It is an offline course. I also enrolled in Udemy for an online photography course.

After completing these two courses now I am well equipped with the knowledge of photography. Photography is both art and science. In terms of creativity, it is an art and in terms of technology, it is science.

My hobby is helping me a lot to develop my patience as I have to wait for the right time to capture the right photo. Photography is also helping me to develop my sense of imagination. Photography is not only satisfying my soul but also helps me to earn money.

I have created a photography website where I upload my photos. People from different countries can download my photos free of cost and also by donating a small amount of money. The users download a good photo even more than a thousand times.

Without uttering words photographs can express so many things. A good photograph can show us the real picture of society. Sometimes a photo could be a language of protest against injustice and irregularities.

I get great pleasure when people praise my photographs by giving good reviews. Their feedback inspires me a lot to shoot more and more good photos. I love and enjoy photography the most.

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