My Aim in Life Composition for SSC and HSC

My aim in life is an important composition for the examinees of schools and colleges. So, students should take a good preparation on the composition of My Aim in Life.

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My Aim in Life

The aim of a person’s life determines in which direction he or she will go in the future. A person without an aim is just like a car without a steering. Everyone should have a particular goal in life. The person who has a goal does not waste time. Rather, the person tries heart and soul to reach the goal.

I believe people without ambition can never do anything worthwhile in their lives. My aim in life is to be a lawyer. My father has played a significant role in selecting law as my future career.

My father always made me abide by the rules and customs of the family, society, and the country. He makes me understand the importance of the rules and regulations of the society. The ultimate result of this is a deep respect for the laws and customs of the society that has been developed in my heart.

To build a prosperous and peaceful country there should be a good law and order system in every sphere of the society. No matter how much a country is developed, if the legal system is poor there will always be chaos and disorder everywhere. A country should ensure justice for the victims, reward for the good person, and punishment for the criminals.

I will fight the case of the poor and oppressed free of cost. We know because of money so many people cannot fight for justice. I will create a fund to meet the expenses of such type of cases.

We know that in our country justice is not served properly because of procrastination in the legal system. There is a proverb, “Justice delayed, justice denied”. Justice seekers wander around for years for a simple case.

To ensure justice a lawyer plays an important role. The lawyer points out the section of the law and presents legal logic to the court and judge to ensure justice for the oppressed.

Judges give their verdict based on the information and proof presented by the lawyers. So, a lawyer has a great role in settling a case. As a lawyer, I will provide the court with true information to ensure justice.

Lawyers also have the opportunity to become judges. Long practical experience and knowledge as a lawyer make someone a good judge.

I am aware of the fact that the job of a lawyer is not an easy task. I have to study a lot. I have to work hard. I am determined to be a good lawyer.

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