Composition Rainy Season in Bangladesh

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(Composition-1): Rainy Season in Bangladesh

Bangla New Year starts with summer. The second season of the Bangla year is the rainy season. The rainy season consists of the Bangla month Ashar and Srabon. The temperature in this season fluctuates frequently.

Features of the rainy season: The average temperature of the rainy season in Bangladesh is 31 degrees Celsius. The temperature is not static. It fluctuates. In this season sometimes it rains the whole day. Sometimes it rains incessantly for a couple of days. As Bangladesh is a tropical country the rainy season of Bangladesh is not cold. Rather it is warm. Because of the monsoon in this season, it rains a lot in Bangladesh. Sometimes gusty wind and thundershowers accompany the rain. Various Bangladeshi tasty and juicy fruits are available in the market in this season. The most common fruits are jackfruit, mango, pineapple, etc.

Blessing for agriculture: In the rainy season, water is available. Rainwater also makes the soil fertile. As a result, farmers get a very good harvest in this season. Rice and jute are the two main agricultural products of Bangladesh. To grow paddy and jute a lot of water is needed. Heavy rain during the rainy season helps farmers to have enough water to cultivate paddy and jute. All kinds of trees need water to survive. During this season trees get enough water they need. So, trees grow faster and become green with new leaves. As Bangladesh is an agricultural country, agricultural products are the strong base of the economy of Bangladesh. And the rainy season boosts our economy in line with the production of agricultural products.

Communication in the rainy season: The water bodies like rivers, canals, bills, and haors have become full of water in the rainy season. So, it becomes easier for farmers and businessmen to carry their goods from one place to another place easily using boats, trawlers, cargo, or any other water vehicle. It saves their time and money. The rainy season also facilitates passenger communication from one village to another village even from one district to another district. For small-distance travel, people use boats or trawlers and for long-distance travel, people use launch or steamer. Riverways have been an important means of communication in Bangladesh from time immemorial. The best time for a river journey is the rainy season because in the dry season, some rivers dry up or the water level becomes too low to move the launch or steamer.

Rainy season in rural areas: The Rimjhim sound of rainwater in the rainy season over the tin-built house is amazing and enjoyable. In rural areas, people are blessed as they can enjoy this unique sound of rain over their roofs of tin in the rainy season. Though the village roads become muddy the villagers have an alternative way of communication. They use boats to go to the village market or from one village to another. Farmers go to their fields whether it is raining or not. For the fishermen, the rainy season is suitable to catch more fish. Our national fish Hilsha is available in the rivers in this season.

Rainy season in the urban areas: City people are always busy with their work. So, whether it rains or not they always remain on the run. They may get drenched by rain water in this season but they cannot but go out of their home. In this season sometimes it rains heavily the whole day. Students stay at home because they cannot go to school because of heavy rain. Mothers prepare special dishes for their kids. One very popular common food item in the rainy season is Bhuna Khichuri. People irrespective of poor and rich enjoy Khichuri in this season.

Impact on the environment: Rainwater of the rainy season washes away the waste and garbage of the city area. The air pollution in this season is also less than in the other seasons. The rain also purifies the atmosphere and air. City people collect drinking water through deep tube wells. In this season underground water comes nearer to the surface of the earth. So, it becomes easier for people to collect water from underground. Rivers and canals water become clean as rainwater washes away the dirt and filth.

Appearances of the rainy season on water bodies: Bangladesh is a land of so many rivers, canals, bills and haors. In the rainy season, these water bodies become full to the brim. When it rains nature looks amazing over a river. The boats on the rivers in the rainy season look like great artistic work by an artist. The scene of catching fish by the fishermen is really beautiful. Passengers of a launch or steamer enjoy this season very much while traveling.

The rainy season is not only a season among the six seasons of Bangladesh but also an important part of our life and culture.

(Composition-2): Rainy Season in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. The beauty of Bangladesh appears elegantly in a different way in each season.

Among all the seasons, the rainy season is the second season in the Bangla calendar. The Bangla month Ashar and Srabon are called the rainy season in Bangladesh and in some parts of India. The vibe and heat of the summer season also remain in this season. When the rain stops the weather becomes hot.

The dried rivers, canals, ponds, and other water bodies become full of rainwater in the rainy season. The whole country becomes a beautiful waterbody. The rainy season rejuvenates the whole nature. It comes in the form of a blessing after the extremely hot weather of the summer.

In the rainy season sometimes it rains with intervals and sometimes it rains incessantly for the whole day. If it rains the whole day at a stretch, we call the day a rainy day. Sometimes it rains without pause for days.

The rainy season has both advantages and disadvantages for communication. People who use waterways like canals, rivers, or big waterbodies do not face difficulty in communication. Because they use boats or launches to carry goods or to move from one place to another.

The people who do not have access to the waterways face problems to move in the rainy season. In cities, the communication issue is acute on a rainy day. Getting public transport is difficult. Rain water is stagnant in different places halting the normal movement of the citizens.

The rainy season is enjoyable for some people. New fish come with new water during the rainy season. The fishermen enjoy fishing in this season as they get plenty of fish. Young boys enjoy the season by playing in the rain. Cooking and eating Khichuri on a rainy day of the rainy season is a famous and popular Bangladeshi culture.

The rainy season is a great blessing for the agriculture and the farmers. Water is an important element for farming. Rainwater during the rainy season helps the crops and plants to grow well. The whole of nature wears a green look in this season. Crops grow quickly. Various Bangladeshi juicy and tasty fruits get enough water to grow in abundance.

Heavy rain in the rainy season causes floods in Bangladesh. It is almost a routine for the rainy season of every year. Sometimes the flood of the rainy season turns into a devastating form causing a huge loss to the lives of human beings, cattle, crops, and property.

The rainy season has a great contribution to Bangla literature. There are innumerable literary works in the Bangla literature related to the rainy season. The rainy season is beautiful. Bangladeshi people love and welcome the rainy season.

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