Story of A Farmer and His Goose for SSC and HSC

The story of a farmer and his goose is an important and educative story for the students of schools and colleges. The writer has written the story in simple and easy English. Students will understand the story easily because of its excellent writing style. By reading the story students will learn a very good moral lesson.

(Story-1): A Farmer and His Goose:

Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer in a village. Because of his poverty, it was difficult for him to run his family smoothly. He was always thinking about how to eradicate poverty…………………….. One day he went to a village market and bought a goose. He was thinking that by selling the eggs of the goose he would be able to earn some money.

After a couple of days, the goose laid an egg. But the farmer was surprised to see the egg. It was a golden egg. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He called his wife to see the egg. Both of them became so happy. By selling the egg in the market he earned a huge amount of money.

The goose was laying a golden egg every single day. The farmer used to sell the eggs in the market. Within a short time, the farmer and his wife became rich. They made a beautiful house and bought expensive furniture. They were passing their days in a festive mood.

But the farmer was greedy and impatient. He decided to become rich overnight. So, one sunny morning he killed the goose to have all the golden eggs at a time. He was shocked to see that there were no eggs inside the belly of the goose.

Now he could realize that greed brings disaster.

(Story-2): Story of a farmer and his goose

Long ago in a remote village, a poor and greedy farmer lived in a hut with his wife. They were passing their days through extreme poverty.

The farmer had no land of his own. He used to work in the field of other people. By working as a farmer in other’s fields he used to get a small amount of money. The wage of the farmer was not enough to buy food let alone good clothes or other necessary things for his family.

The farmer lived from hand to mouth. If he did not get any work for a day, he and his wife remained unfed for the day. One day the wife of the farmer said to the farmer, “If we have a cow or goat or at least a goose we could earn some extra money by selling eggs. But we don’t have money to buy cow or goat.” The farmer said, “Good idea. I think by saving some money we can buy a goose. Because the price of a goose is not very high.”

They somehow saved some money and bought a gosling (baby goose) from their neighbour. Every day the farmer used to collect small snails for the baby goose because snail was the favourite food of the baby goose.

After some days the baby goose became a goose. The farmer and the wife of the farmer were taking great care of the goose. They dreamt of getting egg from the goose. They were making plans to remove poverty by selling the egg of the goose.

One morning they saw an egg under the belly of the goose. Both of them screamed with joy. The wife of the farmer took the egg in her hand. They instantly became upset seeing the egg. Because it was not an egg of a goose. The colour of the egg was golden. They were in a dilemma on what to do.

The wife of the farmer was somewhat wiser than the farmer. She suggested the farmer to take the egg to a goldsmith. They decided to take the egg to a distant place so that the people around them did not know anything.

The farmer took the egg to the nearest town. In the town, he showed the egg to a goldsmith. The goldsmith made the farmer sure that the egg was an egg of gold. The farmer sold the egg to the goldsmith at a good price.

The farmer returned home in the afternoon buying so many things for their family. The farmer’s wife became too happy to express her feelings. That night they went to sleep in a happy mood.

The next morning the goose laid another egg of gold. The happiness of the farmer couple knew no bounds. The farmer again took the egg to the previous goldsmith of the town to sell.

At night the farmer was thinking that he would be wealthier faster if he would collect all the eggs from the belly of the goose. Because he thought there were many eggs stored in the belly of the goose.

The next morning the farmer cut the belly of the goose with a cutter though his wife forbade him to kill the goose. Cutting the belly of the goose the farmer saw the empty stomach of the goose. He was surprised. The farmer could realize his stupidity. He made an irreparable loss to his family. His over-greed made him poor again.

Moral of the story: Grasp all, lose all.

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