Story of dividing bread of a monkey

The story of dividing bread of a monkey is an educative story with a good moral lesson. The story teaches us that we should not allow any third party to know and fix the issues of friends and family. We should settle any dispute among ourselves. The story of dividing the bread of a monkey is important for SSC and HSC examinees.

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Dividing the bread of a monkey

Long ago two cats lived in a rich man’s house. They were close friends. Both of the cats were beautiful to look at. But the color of their fur was different. One of the cats was black and the other one was white.

One day they stole a loaf of bread from the house just beside their house. Taking the bread both of them were searching for a lonely place to divide the bread. They thought the rooftop was a place where nobody would go. So, they went to the rooftop.

Sitting down on the roof they put the bread in the middle of them to divide. They were discussing how to divide the bread because it was a single piece of bread. However, even after a long discussion, they could not reach a consensus.

The white cat said to the black cat, “I saw the bread first, so I must have a little bit more than you.” On the contrary, the black cat showed strong logic and said, “You noticed but I stole. Who did the risky job? You know stealing bread is a job of high risk. So, I must have more bread than you.” Their argument continued for a long time. At one stage of the argument, they decided to take an equal part of the bread.

Now a new problem arose. What is the way of dividing the bread equally? How can they be sure that no portion is bigger than another part? They talked about different solutions. But they could not come to a conclusion of dividing the bread. There lived an old and wise monkey on a tree near the house. The monkey had a good relationship with both the cats. So, the two cats decided to take the dispute to the monkey to settle.

The black and the white cat went near to the monkey with the bread they stole. It was afternoon. The monkey was taking an afternoon rest under the tree which was his permanent residence after his lunch. Seeing the black and white cat the monkey welcomed them with greetings. He asked the two cats the reason for going to him.

Putting the bread in front of the wise and old monkey the black and white cats requested him to divide the bread equally for them. The monkey smiled and said, “This is an unprecedented issue. I never have seen or heard of such type of problem in my whole life. Dividing bread is a difficult and tiresome task. But don’t bother about it. I will surely fix the issue. I will set an example by giving you a superb solution.”

Hearing the words of the monkey the black and white cats became delighted. The wise monkey brought a scale to divide the bread perfectly. The monkey divided the bread into two halves and put two parts of bread on two sides of the scale. One part of the bread was somewhat larger than the other part. He was deliberately doing that. So, to make both parts equal the wise monkey ate a bite of bread from the bigger part. Again, he put the bread on the scale. Now the smaller part became heavier than the larger part because the bite of the monkey on bread was huge.

The process of making the bread equal was continuing and each time the sagacious monkey was giving a bite on bread to ensure equal justice. At one stage both the cats noticed that there was a small part of the bread left on the scale. Now they could realize their foolishness. So, they requested the monkey to return their bread. They said to the monkey, “Dear monkey, you have done a lot for us. Now please return our bread.” The monkey said, “Haven’t I done anything for you? I have worked hard to divide the bread. So, the remaining part of the bread is my remuneration.” Saying this, the tricky monkey swallowed the rest of the part of the bread.

The behavior and the actions of the monkey shocked the cats. It was an eye-opener incident for them. They left the place silently. They realized that they made a great mistake by allowing the monkey to fix their bilateral issue. Both of them promised each other that they would never allow any outsider to interfere with their internal issues in the future.

The moral of the story Dividing the Bread of a Monkey:

  1. Quarrel creates the opportunity for third parties to interfere.
  2. Quarrel brings disaster.
  3. Disputes should be settled among the stakeholders.

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