The Story of a Thirsty Crow for SSC and HSC:

The story of a thirsty crow is a common and important story for the students of schools and colleges. This is also an educative and motivating story for all of us. From the story, we can learn two important lessons. One is we should never give up hope to achieve our goal. Another one is sometimes we should be tricky to accomplish our tasks.

Sometimes our job may not be easy but we should not stop rather we should try again and again. We should think and find a way out to do the job easily.

(Story-1): A Thirsty Crow:

It was a hot summer day. A crow became very thirsty. It began to move here and there in search of drinking water but in vain…………………… But the crow did not lose hope of getting water. It was flying in the sky looking to the ground in search of water.

It was midday and the day was really very hot. The crow was thirsty and tired also. At that time the crow saw a water jar in the ground. The crow became very happy to see the water jar and thought there would be water in the jar. As soon as the crow saw the jar, it flew down to the jar.

But the crow became upset because there was little water at the bottom of the jar. The crow tried, again and again, to drink water from the jar but could not because the neck or the upper part of the jar was very narrow. As the neck or the upper part of the jar was narrow the beak of the crow could not reach the water at the bottom of the jar.

All of a sudden the crow hit upon a plan. He thought that if he could put some stones inside the jar the water would come up the jar and he would be able to drink water. So, the crow was looking for stones. It was lucky because there were some pebbles and stones close to the jar. The crow picked a stone by its beak and put it inside the jar.

It continued picking stones and putting them inside the jar till the water came to the top of the jar. At one stage, the crow could touch the water with its beak. The crow drank water and could quench its thirst. After drinking water the crow became happy and flew away.

(Story-2): A Thirsty Crow

Once a crow was flying in the air. It was a sunny and hot day of summer. Moreover, the area was affected by drought. As a result, there was no water on the ground.

Because of the scorching heat of sunlight, the crow felt an extreme thirst for drinking water. The crow was looking for water on the ground. All the ponds and canals were dried because of drought.

Finding no natural resources of water, the crow was flying above the houses of the village. The crow was intelligent. So, he knew that he would get drinking water from the houses of the people.

The thirsty crow was lucky because he saw a pitcher outside the house of a farmer. The crow looked down carefully to make sure whether there were any people or not. He did not see anyone around the pitcher.

So, immediately the crow flew down to the pitcher. The crow sat on the pitcher. But he was dishearted to see that there was a little water inside the pitcher. The water was at the bottom of the pitcher. The upper part of the pitcher was so narrow that the crow could not drink water.

The crow tried several times to drink water but each time he failed to drink water from the bottom of the pitcher. Without losing hope of drinking water the crow was thinking of a solution. All of a sudden, the crow got an excellent idea.

He thought if he could put something inside the pitcher the water would come up and the crow would be able to drink water.

Sitting on the pitcher the crow was searching for something around the pitcher. The crow was lucky because he saw some stones near the pitcher. He became delighted to see the stones.

The thirsty crow started picking and putting the stones inside the pitcher. Sooner the water really came up and the crow could drink the desired water. The water was cool and fresh. Drinking water the crow felt refreshing and strong.

The present intelligence of the crow helped him to drink water. The crow thanked the owner of the pitcher from his heart. After drinking enough water the crow flew away to the sky.

Moral of the story:

a. Where there is a will, there is a way.

b. There is a solution to every problem.

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