The story about the fox without a tail:

“The fox without a tail” is an important story for the students of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12. The story is also interesting and educative.

The beginning of the story will be given in the question paper. The students will write their own words to complete the story.

The fox without a tail:

Once there was a fox who lived in a jungle. One day the fox was trapped…………… The fox could somehow save himself from the trap.

But unfortunately, the fox lost his tail. Losing the tail, he was in a fix on what to do. He was very much ashamed of showing his face in front of other foxes in the jungle. Because every single fox had their tail but he did not. As a result, he was looking peculiar.

He was thinking deeply about what to do. All of a sudden he hit upon a plan. He called a meeting of all the foxes in a certain place of the jungle.

All the foxes of the jungle came to the meeting to hear the speech of the fox. The fox without a tail told other foxes that they don’t need their tail. The tail is unnecessary and useless for them. He also showed that he cut his tail as it was of no use.

A fox without a tail

At that time the oldest fox of the meeting replied, you lost your tail by accident and now you are trying to cheat with us. Our tail is our beauty so we shouldn’t cut our tail.

All other foxes could realize the cleverness of the fox and left the meeting leaving the fox without a tail alone. The tailless fox got hurt deep in his heart. Because his trick was unveiled by other foxes. Finding no other way he also left the meeting place and started walking towards an unknown destination.

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