A poor farmer and a purse of gold story for HSC

The story of a poor farmer and a purse of gold is an important and common completing story for the students. So, students are requested to practice reading and writing the story several times. More and more practice will help the students to write an error-free story. A good write-up always ensures good marks.

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A poor farmer and a purse of gold

Once there was a poor farmer in a village. He had a small amount of land. With the crop of that small amount of land, it was difficult for a family to survive. But the farmer was happy with what he had. He somehow managed his family with the small income of his small land.

The farmer was hard-working and an expert in farming. So, he could make the best use of his land. Because of his hard work, experience, and skill, he used to harvest the maximum amount of crop from his land through farming. Nevertheless, there was a lack of extra money in his family to meet daily expenses. Despite his dawn-to-dusk hard work, he could not meet the demands of his family members.

One day early in the morning he was walking through his agricultural land. All of a sudden, he saw something lying in one corner of his land. He went near the object. He saw a purse. The farmer took the purse in his hand. The purse was tied with a rope. So, without untying the purse the farmer brought the purse to his home.

Reaching home, the poor farmer showed the purse to her dear wife. She told her husband to untie the purse. So, the farmer untied the purse. Both of them became astonished to see the things inside the purse. The purse was full of gold. The amount of gold could make a family rich. So, the wife of the farmer became happy. She told the poor farmer to sell the gold in the market. She heaved a sigh of happiness. The wife said to the farmer, “Our days of hardship are over. We are rich now. We will build a beautiful house. Let’s go to the market to see the furniture for our next house.” She also said, “We will buy beautiful clothes. I cannot wait to enjoy delicious and mouthwatering food.”

But the farmer was an honest man. He couldn’t even think of selling the gold of the purse. He said to his wife, “The purse and the gold inside it belong to another person. Someone has lost this purse. We are not the owner of the gold. So, it is our responsibility to find out the real owner of the purse and return it to him.” The wife of the farmer became upset at the decision of her husband. Because she knew about the honesty of her husband. She also realized that he would not change his decision.

The next day the farmer went to the nearby village market and informed everyone that he got a purse full of valuable things. He also said that he would return the purse to the real owner. The news spread out across the area rapidly.

After a couple of days, a rich man from a neighboring village came to the home of the farmer. He could prove that he was the real owner of the purse. The farmer returned the purse of gold to the rich man and heaved a sigh of relief. The rich man checked the gold inside the purse. He found everything ok. So, the rich man thanked the farmer and wanted to give him some money as a reward. The owner of the gold also said, “A good and big-hearted man like you is always rare.”

But the farmer refused to take any reward from the owner of the gold. The farmer replied that I did not do anything special. I just returned the purse of gold to the real owner. He also said to the rich man, “Everyone is supposed to do this. Please keep me in your prayers. I want to lead a happy life with honesty and hard work.”

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