King Lear and his daughters story for HSC:

King Lear and his daughters story is an important completing story for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, students should put emphasis on learning the story so that they get good marks in the exam.

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King Lear and his daughters:

Long ago Lear was the king of England. He was a mighty and powerful king of that time. The king had three daughters. He was well known for his love for his daughters and for the people of his kingdom.

The name of his daughters was Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Goneril was the eldest daughter. Regan was the second eldest and Cordelia was the youngest princess. As a father, King Lear loved all his daughters very much but he loved his youngest daughter a little bit more than the other two daughters.

Whenever he became old it was difficult for him to manage everything. So, he decided to step down from the power of the king. He also decided to divide his kingdom among three daughters.

One day he invited his daughters to his royal court. The king sat with his daughters at a round table. He informed his daughters about his decision of stepping down from the throne. King Lear told them that he would divide the kingdom among them. But before that, he wanted to know from his daughters how much they love their father.

The eldest daughter Goneril replied that she loved her father more than she could say. She also said that nothing can match her love for her father. Goneril also added that the king is dearer to her than anything she had. The king became so pleased hearing the answer from her elder daughter.

The king then asked her second daughter Regan how much she loved the king. Regan replied that she loved her father just like her elder sister. Then it was the turn of Cordelia to express her love for her dear father. As the king had a deep love for her youngest princess, he wished to hear more loving words from Cordelia. But the king became disappointed with the answer of Cordelia.

Cordelia said that she loved her father just like a daughter love her father. She also said that her two elder sisters lied. They never love the king more than their husband and kids.

The king got angry at the statement of her dearest youngest daughter. So, he married her off to the prince of France without giving her any portion of the kingdom. Even the king did not give anything as a gift to Cordelia.

After a couple of years, the king became a burden to her first and second daughters. They did not treat him properly. The two daughters started ignoring their father in providing necessary service. The king became so upset. He could realize the real love of her youngest daughter. He begged pardon from his youngest daughter for his previous misdeed and misunderstanding. The helpless and powerless king also informed Cordelia about the intolerable situation through a loyal and trusted messenger.

Princess Cordelia attacked the kingdom of his father with the help of her husband and the French army. Cordelia ousted her sisters from the power of the kingdom of her father and occupied the kingdom. She did everything for her father to lead a happy and beautiful life. At last, King Lear could realize the real love of his youngest daughter for him and prayed for her.

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