Story of a lion and a mouse:

A lion and a mouse is an interesting and educative story. This is a famous moral story. From this story, we learn that we may get help from anyone whenever we are in danger. So we should not neglect anyone.

This story is important for the students of schools and colleges.

A lion and a mouse:

Once there lived a lion in a jungle. One day the lion was sleeping in his cave. A mouse was playing nearby. ……………………… At one stage the mouse jumped on the body of the lion. The lion woke up. The lion became seriously annoyed at the mouse. He caught the mouse and attempted to kill the mouse. The lion roared and said that he would kill the mouse.

The mouse became frightened. The mouse started crying to save his life. The small mouse was seeking apology and requesting to forgive him. The tiny mouse was telling again and again that he was really sorry for his misdeed. The mouse also said that if the lion let him go he would help the lion if needed.

The king of the jungle laughed at the commitment of the mouse. The lion said, “You are a tiny creature. I am the king of the jungle. How will you help me?” The mouse said, “I don’t know. But if I get an opportunity to repay your kindness and generosity I will surely avail that opportunity.”

The jungle king was laughing hearing the words of the mouse. Nevertheless, out of pity, the lion set the mouse free. The mouse became happy and thanked the lion.

The reward of the love:

One sunny day it was about noon. The mouse heard the roar of the lion. The mouse could realize that the lion was in danger. He instantly rushed to the spot. Reaching the spot the mouse saw that the lion was trapped in a net. It was a net of the illegal animal hunter. The king of the jungle was trying heart and soul to get rid of the net but could not. Without wasting a single moment the mouse started cutting the net with his sharp teeth. Within a couple of minutes, the mouse could set the lion free by cutting the net.

Being free the lion thanked the mouse. The lion could realize that even a small creature can help a big animal like a lion. The lion expressed his gratitude to the mouse again and again. The mouse replied that this is nothing but a little attempt for a friend. Since then they are good friends.

Moral of the story:

a. Help may come even from the smallest of your friends.

b. Love returns the love.

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