Paragraph on Price Hike for SSC and HSC

Paragraph on price hike is an important writing topic for the SSC and HSC examinees. So, students should read and write this paragraph several times as price hike is a common and important issue nowadays. The learners should be familiar with the reasons and the possible solutions to this problem. Because we know generally contemporary topics are set in the question paper.

Even in different competitive exams, recent issues are emphasized to check the knowledge of the job seekers. So, the Price Hike is an important paragraph for all the exams.

The writer of the paragraph has written this paragraph using easy language so that students get interested in reading and learning the paragraph.

After reading the paragraph students will know the following points about price hikes.

  • What is a price hike?
  • Reason for price hike of food.
  • The situation of the general people because of price hike.
  • How people of developed countries are facing this problem.
  • Reason for the high price of fuel.
  • Effects of price hike.
  • The solution to price hike.
  • Government role to control price hike.

(Paragraph-1): Price Hike

Price hike means the rise of the price of essential everyday commodities. Nowadays, the price hike is a very common issue in Bangladesh. The price hike is always a big issue for the general people. But now it has become a more massive problem than ever because of the unusual rise in the price of everyday essential products.

Many reasons are responsible for the price hike. A large number of people live in a small area of land, hoarding essential commodities like food or edible oil with a bad intention to create an artificial crisis in the market, the syndicate of corrupt business people, natural disasters, shortage of supply of necessary products, political unrest, etc. are the most common reasons for the price hike.

Inflation is also responsible for the price hike. Because of high inflation, people are spending more money but getting fewer things than before.

Moreover, some dishonest businessmen create an artificial crisis in the market to make an unusual and huge profit illegally. The people with low income and the middle class are the worst sufferers of it. The government should take effective steps to control price hikes.

Because of the recent price hike, the income of the people cannot keep pace with the expenditure. There are some products that people have to buy every day. Among them food items are important. But for the last couple of months, the price of different food items has been increasing by leaps and bounds.

So, to feed their family members people are spending more money than before. But the income of most of the people is fixed. Their income has not increased. So, the only solution to cope with the adverse situation of this price hike is to eat less than before. Even some people have lessened their number of meals in a day. For example, if they ate three times a day before this price hike, now they are eating two times a day.

Importing products in a crisis time, strong market monitoring, and helping farmers grow hybrid crops could be some solutions to prevent price hikes.

Even the government should provide fertilizer and seeds at a subsidy rate. If possible the government can provide fertilizer, seeds, water, etc. free of cost to the farmers to produce more agricultural products at a low cost. If farmers can produce food at a low cost they will also be able to sell the food products at a cheaper rate in the market. Thus by supporting farmers government can check the price hike.

The government should increase the open market sales of common food items at a cheaper rate to control skyrocketing prices.

Mass media can create awareness among the general people to get rid of this problem. Law enforcement agencies can play a very important role in controlling the price hike by being strict against unscrupulous businessmen.

(Paragraph-2): Price Hike

If the prices of daily commodities increase we call it a price hike. The price hike is a common incident across the world. This is also a big problem in Bangladesh. Recently food prices have gone up sharply. As a result, people all over the world are facing a serious problem with buying food.

There are two main reasons for the price hike. One is natural and the other one is artificial. Natural calamities are responsible for the natural price hike. Natural calamities are storms, floods, droughts, over and untimely rainfall, excessive cold, etc. These natural disasters cause a fall in agricultural and industrial production. Consequently, people suffer from the high prices of different commodities. In this context, the government can do little to control the price hike.

But sometimes price hikes of necessary goods occur due to artificial reasons. The artificial reasons are hoarding, political instability, war, artificial shortage, increasing government tax, etc. Some unscrupulous businessmen form syndicates to make an excessive profit. They create a situation of artificial shortage of necessary products to increase the price of the products.  

Governments of the countries can control the price hike due to artificial reasons. Government can decrease the tax rate to lessen the price of a particular product. The government also can take legal action against dishonest businessmen to control price hikes. Thus the abnormal rise in prices of the essential commodities can be brought under control.

Some Bangladeshi businessmen create an artificial crisis of essential products so that they can make a huge profit. Because of their greed, common people suffer a lot. Our government should take stern legal action against those immoral businessmen to save the common people from the price hike.

(Paragraph-3): Increase in prices of essential products

The price hike is a hot topic nowadays. The price hike of daily necessary things is now a big problem for the general people. General people especially the fixed earners and the low earners are the worst victims of present price hikes. There is a big gap in their income and expenditure.

So, they cannot buy the necessary amount of food for the members of their family. People are facing serious problems in buying food let alone clothes or other necessary products for them.

They also sacrifice the quality and nutrition of the food they eat. Before this price hike, they could eat fish and meat at regular intervals. But now it is difficult for them to eat fish and meat because of the high price. They even cannot manage simple food for them let alone fish and meat. There are some reasons behind this recent price hike, especially the price of food.

Political instability across the world is one of the important reasons for this recent price hike. As a result, food prices across the world have increased.

Moreover, the fuel price has also increased recently all over the world. The price of food and other necessary commodities is closely related to the price of fuel. As a result, the price of every single product especially food price has increased sharply in recent times. This is an international problem.

Even the people of developed countries are facing problems because of this recent price hike. From TV and newspapers, we came to know that a huge number of people in developed countries have cut short the amount of food they eat every day.

It’s a global issue. World leaders should find a way out immediately to stop rising prices and decrease the price of essential commodities like food.

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