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The paragraph on my favourite game is important for the students of all classes. My favourite game paragraph is a common writing topic in the exams of schools and colleges. So, students should emphasize reading and writing the paragraph to do well in the exams.

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(Paragraph-1): My Favourite Game

Among many other games, football is the most popular game across the world. While watching an exciting football match, football spectators cannot blink their eyes in apprehension of missing the thrilling moment of the game. Football is a game full of excitement and physical tactics. English people of the United Kingdom first started playing football. But now football is a common and popular game among all the nations around the world. Like billions of people, my favorite game is football and my favorite football team is Italy.

I like football for some reason. It is not as costly as cricket. One does not need to spend much time playing the game. Again, it is played in a short time. It is more exciting than cricket. It thrills both the players and the audience. Football is an outdoor game. It requires a big field which is usually 120 yards long and 80 yards wide.

There are two goalposts in a football field. The height of the goalpost is 2.44 meters and the width is 7.32 meters. The game is played between two teams. Each team has 11 players. Like cricket, there is a mediator in football. In cricket, the mediator or the judge is known as umpire whereas in football the judge is known as the referee. The game starts by placing the ball at the center of the field. The referee whistles and the game starts. Each team tries to pass the ball through the goalpost of its opposition. Wins and losses are determined by the number of goals. The team leading the number of goals becomes the winner of the match. Football is always an exciting and interesting game.

After every four years, the FIFA World Cup is held. This is the greatest show on earth. The world’s best football players play football in the World Cup. As football is my favorite game I watch all the matches of the World Cup.

The game teaches us obedience. Football also teaches discipline, cooperation, and leadership. It is a good exercise. Because it improves the health of a player. Playing football has some risks. One may get hurt or injured. Despite some demerits, the popularity of football is skyrocketing. So I love playing and watching football very much.

(Paragraph-2): My Favourite Game

I love games and sports. Among so many games badminton is my favorite game. It is an indoor game. Bangladesh is a tropical country. So, people generally play this game in the winter season. I also play badminton in winter regularly. To play the game a net, lightweight racket, and shuttlecock are the equipment.

There is a small yard in front of our home. Just before the winter, we make a badminton court in the yard. My fellow players are my cousins and some of my friends. We start playing in the afternoon and it continues till night. But the playtime fluctuates because of our annual exam. Our annual exam takes place in winter. So, before and during the exam we finish playing the game before sunset.

After the annual exam, the time of playing badminton extends. We continue to play till 10.00 PM sometimes. There are so many reasons why badminton is my favorite game. The reasons are as follows:

  • A small area is enough for this game.
  • It is not expensive.
  • Hard labor is not required.
  • Even two players can play the game.
  • It is a smart game.
  • Low possibility of getting hurt.

Apart from playing the game I also watch badminton tournaments on TV. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) organizes international badminton tournaments. BWF is the world governing body of badminton. Every year BWF organizes different international badminton competitions among badminton players from different countries. The performance of international shuttlers is always amazing and eye-catching. This is my hobby to watch the performance of international badminton players on TV.

The badminton players are also called shuttlers. Bangladesh Badminton Federation is the supreme governing body of Bangladesh’s badminton. The organization arranges different competitions among the male and female shuttlers of Bangladesh every year.

Playing badminton is helpful for physical fitness. Because the game helps us to sweat a lot and burn our fat. So, by playing badminton we can be mentally and physically fit.

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