Write a dialogue between two friends about road accident in Bangladesh

Writing a dialogue between two friends about road accident in Bangladesh is an important writing topic for students. Road accident is a very common incident in Bangladesh. Teachers set this dialogue in the question paper very often as it is an important issue in Bangladesh. So, students should emphasize learning how to write a dialogue between two friends about road accident in Bangladesh.

(Dialogue-1): Between two friends about the road accident in Bangladesh

Suppose, you are Taskin. Tazkia is your close friend. You and Tazkia live in the same area and study in the same school. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Tazkia about the road accident in Bangladesh.


Taskin: Good afternoon.

Tazkia: Good afternoon.

Taskin: How are you?

Tazkia: Pretty good. What about you?

Taskin: I am also good. I have been looking for you for a while.

Tazkia: Why? Is anything wrong?

Taskin: In the morning, I watched a television report on a horrific road accident that resulted in extensive loss of lives and properties. The news made me extremely sad. Time and again we see such type of news on road accidents in newspapers and television. So, I thought I would talk to you about the continuous road accidents in our country.

Tazkia: You know, road accident in the streets of Bangladesh kills and injures a huge number of people every year.

Taskin: Why do so many road accidents occur in Bangladesh?

Tazkia: There are a lot of reasons behind road accidents in our country such as narrow streets, unskilled drivers, unfit vehicles, reckless driving, etc.

Taskin: How can we put an end to road accidents?

Tazkia: It’s not an easy task to get rid of the curse of road accidents so quickly. Because different things are related to it. To put an end to road accidents our government should make a master plan. Vehicle operators also must be more responsible and conscious in operating vehicles like buses, trucks, cars, etc.

Taskin: Do you have any suggestions or plans in this regard?

Tazkia: We can widen the roads, train up the drivers, keep only the fit vehicles in the streets, and in this way, we can check road accidents.

Taskin: Thank you for your well-thought-out opinion on halting road accidents.

Tazkia: You are always welcome.

(Dialogue-2): Between two friends about the road accident in Bangladesh

Suppose you are Rakib a college student. Sakib is your close friend. Write a dialogue between you and your friend Sakib about road accident in Bangladesh.


Rakib: Hello Sakib.

Sakib: Hello Rakib.

Rakib: Where have you gone?

Sakib: To buy a bus ticket.

Rakib: Bus ticket? To celebrate Eid with your parents in your village?

Sakib: Yes friend.

Rakib: But so far as I know your native village is in Rangpur. And we all know that the train journey is safer and more comfortable than the bus journey.

Sakib: You are correct. But I failed to collect the train ticket online.

Rakib: I am scared about your journey. Dhaka-Rangpur highway is one of the accident-prone highways in Bangladesh.

Sakib: I am also scared. But there is no substitute. However, there is good news that the highway has been widened to 6 lanes. Accidents generally occur because of narrow roads.

Rakib: Narrow roads are one of the reasons for accidents. But this is not the only reason. There are other common reasons such as expired and unfit vehicles, poorly trained drivers, overspeed, unwillingness to maintain traffic rules, overtaking tendency, etc.

Sakib: All the points are correct. Road accidents have become widespread in Bangladesh. Do you know the data about road accidents in Bangladesh?

Rakib: You rightly said that road accidents in Bangladesh are happening on a massive scale. I do not have complete information. Because the victims of road accidents do not always file a complaint to the police station.

Sakib: How can we get the data on road accidents?

Rakib: From the newspapers. For common people like us, newspapers are the best source to get statistics of road accidents. According to a newspaper report quoting “Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association” 6261 road accidents occurred across the country only in 2023.

Sakib: What do you say? The number of road accidents is unimaginable. What about casualties?

Rakib: The death toll in road accidents is even worse. In 2023 more than ten thousand people were injured and nearly eight thousand people died in road accidents.

Sakib: This is frightening data on road accidents. One death extinguishes the light of hope of a family. On the other hand, the injured become a burden for the family.

Rakib: According to the report, most of the victims of road accidents are the earning people of their families. During Eid, the number of road accidents increases more than usual.

Sakib: This is so sad. Immediate steps should be taken to lessen road accidents. What steps is our traffic department taking to control road accidents?

Rakib: The Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association suggested introducing an e-traffic system to combat road accidents. The organization said that the introduction of e-traffic will decrease road accidents by 80%.

Sakib: Why don’t our government do this?

Rakib: It will take time and money. Hopefully, we will see something good shortly.

Sakib: What steps are being taken to provide training to the drivers?

Rakib: It is not possible overnight because it is a huge job. Wish you a safe journey.

Sakib: Thank you.

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