Dialogue between two friends about the importance of tree plantation

Writing a dialogue between two friends about the importance of tree plantation is an important writing topic for students. So, students should put emphasis on practicing writing the dialogue about the importance of tree plantation repeatedly to get good scores in the exams.

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(Dialogue-1): Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of tree plantation

Suppose, you are Anis a student of class ten. Rakib is one of your friends. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Rakib about the importance or necessity of tree plantation.


Anis: Good morning Rakib. What are you doing in this early morning?

Rakib: Good morning Anis. I’m reading an article about the necessity/importance of tree plantation.

Anis: Would you please tell me the importance/necessity of tree plantation?

Rakib: Tree plantation is important because trees are our best friends. They give us wood and food.

Anis: What role do the trees play in our lives?

Rakib: Life without trees is quite impossible. They give us oxygen without which we cannot live a moment. They also give us wood, food, vegetables, fruits, and whatnot.

Anis: Do plants have any medicinal value?

Rakib: Obviously. You may be astonished to hear that about 40% of American drugs come from plants.

Anis: What is the impact of trees on our climate?

Rakib: Trees have a great impact on our climate. Trees save us from floods and cyclones, from the erosion of the river bank. Trees maintain the balance of the ecosystem and temperature.

Anis: How can we save our environment?

Rakib: Without destroying trees at random we can save our environment. We should plant more and more trees to lead a healthier and happier life.

Anis: You are right, my friend. Thank you very much.

Rakib: You are always welcome.

(Dialogue-2): Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of tree plantation

Suppose you are a student of class eleven. Shuvo is your close friend. You and Shuvo study in the same college. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Shuvo about the importance of tree plantation.

Myself: Hello Shuvo!

Shuvo: Hello friend!

Myself: How is going on your days?

Shuvo: Pretty good. How was your exam?

Myself: Not so good. You know I am not good at math.

Shuvo: Let’s have coffee and talk.

Myself: Good decision. Let’s move.

Shuvo: Have you noticed the unbearable heat for the last few days?

Myself: Why not? I can’t even sleep because of the high temperature. Shuvo, please tell me the reason behind this excessive temperature.

Shuvo: Multiple reasons are responsible for this high temperature. In my opinion, deforestation is the main reason.

Myself: Would you please explain the details?

Shuvo: Sure. We know that industry, vehicles, household waste, etc. all produce a massive amount of carbon dioxide and emit it in the air. Carbon dioxide causes the temperature to rise. On the other contrary, by taking away carbon dioxide trees lessen the temperature of the environment.

Myself: So, we should put emphasis on increasing the number of trees to control the temperature of the world.

Shuvo: Exactly. This is the right and natural way to get rid of the increasing heat. As a result, tree plantation is the only solution.

Myself: Would you please tell me some more benefits of tree plantation?

Shuvo: For various purposes we use trees. Such as making furniture, heating our residence in winter, making our house, etc. And we all know that we get fruits, food, flowers, medicine, oxygen, etc. from trees.

Myself: So, it is clear that trees are very important for the human beings.

Shuvo: Yes. We can’t think of our existence on Earth without trees.

Myself: What is the solution of increasing the number of trees?

Shuvo: First of all, we have to realize the importance of trees. We have to stop cutting down trees unnecessarily. And finally, we have to plant more and more trees.

Myself: Thank you for your information about the importance of trees.

Shuvo: You are welcome.

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