Deforestation Paragraph for SSC and HSC

The paragraph Deforestation is an important writing content for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know the causes and effects of deforestation to write a good quality paragraph in their answer script.

Except for the SSC and HSC examinations, the deforestation paragraph is also important for the students of other classes. Deforestation is also an important writing topic in the job recruitment test.

So, to get good scores in the exams everyone should emphasize writing an error-free paragraph with necessary information. Frequent reading and writing will help the students to write the paragraph without making grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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Paragraph on Deforestation

The word deforestation is the antonym of afforestation. When there is a massive loss of trees in an area, we call it deforestation.

There are many reasons behind deforestation. The most common reasons are expansion of agricultural land, making paper, urbanization, building new roads, wildfire, cutting trees for furniture, climate change, mining, etc.

Our human friends may not be on our side in the time of danger. But trees keep helping us always and that is why trees are our trustworthy best friends. For the existence of humans and animals in the world, the contribution and role of trees are immense. Trees give us oxygen, food, wood, shade, and whatnot.

In most of the countries, the population is increasing. To meet various demands of the increasing number of people

Population is increasing in most countries. Trees have to be cut down to meet the various needs of the growing number of people. So, deforestation is happening very fast.

More people need more food. To grow more food more land is necessary. As a result, people cut down trees to expand cultivable land.

We use different types of papers for a range of purposes. Trees are the raw material of paper industries for making paper. So, we chop trees to supply the raw materials for the paper mills.

The trend and necessity of living in cities have been on the rise. As a result, new cities are being founded and the existing cities are being expanded. By destroying forest land people are making new cities and enlarging the existing cities.

As the growth of the population is augmenting new roads are necessary for their communication. We are building new roads and broadening the present narrow roads by chopping down innumerable precious trees.

People also use trees for their luxury furniture. In winter people use wood to make fire to keep their houses warm in countries where temperatures come below freezing. Using firewood for cooking is an old and common tradition in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world. To make furniture and fire we cut down a large number of trees every year.

By cutting trees we are doing great harm to our environment. We do not think of the dire consequences of destroying trees in a large number. If we continue cutting down trees recklessly very soon our universe will become a desert.

To maintain ecological balance there should be at least 25% forest land in a country. But according to the data from the World Bank, the percentage of forest land in 2010 was only 16% in Bangladesh. In 2020, the percentage of forest land was 14%. The data illustrate that the amount of forest land in Bangladesh is decreasing gradually. This is a clear example of deforestation. Over time the number of trees is dropping. This is an evil omen for our country.

The temperature of the world is being increased every year alarmingly. The trend of rising temperatures has reached its peak over the last few years. This high temperature is intolerable for human beings and animals. Deforestation is one of the main reasons for this unusual temperature. Climate change is a hot topic nowadays. Deforestation and climate change are closely related to one another.

Trees keep our environment fresh and maintain balance by giving oxygen and taking away carbon dioxide. Through photosynthesis, trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing in the environment because the number of trees is decreasing. Carbon is responsible for the rise of temperature worldwide.

At the end of this discussion now we know how important trees are for our existence. We also know the adverse consequences of deforestation. So, before cutting a single tree we should think at least ten times. Rather a single person should plant at least five to ten trees in a year to protect our dear world and make it livable.

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