Gender Discrimination Paragraph for HSC and SSC

The paragraph on gender discrimination is an important writing topic for the HSC examination. So, the HSC examinees should emphasize learning how to write a paragraph on gender discrimination.

 The writer has highlighted the following facts to write the gender discrimination paragraph for the HSC examinees.

  1. What is gender discrimination?
  2. Causes and effects of gender discrimination.
  3. Negative impacts of gender discrimination on society.
  4. The role of education in getting rid of the curse of gender discrimination.
  5. Role of society to ensure equal rights for women.
  6. Changing the mindset of men to bring about a positive change in the society.

Gender Discrimination Paragraph for HSC and SSC

If we discuss gender discrimination in the context of Bangladesh, there are mainly two types of people according to their gender, male and female. Though a few numbers of third-gender people also exist here.

For the sake of argument if we say that some men become victims of discrimination by women in our society, the number is very low and it is an exception. Women are the worst sufferers of gender discrimination in every sphere of our society.

Women are considered inferior to men in third-world countries like Bangladesh. The contribution of women in every society is immense but their contribution is not valued properly in the society of a developing country.

Gender discrimination starts in the family. The family members especially the parents do not treat equally their girl and boy child except for some exceptions. As a result, the daughter does not get equal food and dress as her brother. She also does not get ample opportunities to receive education.

This is the 21st century and still, in Bangladesh, many parents think that spending money on their daughters is a waste. They think that their daughter will go to another house as a wife sooner or later. These uneducated girls do not know their rights and responsibilities.

Many a family consider their girl child as a burden and marry them off as early as possible. These girls are not mature enough to understand and manage an unknown family and some unknown new people. As a result, they find it difficult to keep pace with the new faces and the new environments.

The people of her in-laws misbehave with her. She cannot protest the injustice because she is uneducated. She will not get any job to support herself.

Most of the people of our country think that women should not come out of their houses to receive education or to work. Women should confine themselves to their houses. They only should do household chores. This mindset is a great reason for gender discrimination against women.

Social customs and structures, superstition, and outdated wrong thinking of some people are the main causes of gender discrimination. We should come out of all these faulty systems to support women.

In some working places women workers get less money doing the same work as men workers. This is an example of gender discrimination. Domestic violence is also a cruel example of gender discrimination. Because of a superiority complex, many husbands misbehave with their wives for little or no reason.

Women constitute half of our total population. If they live and grow up in a discriminatory environment they cannot contribute properly to their family and society. By living a life of discrimination, they lose their stamina and courage to do something creative for society. This is an ultimate loss to our country.

To get rid of the curse of gender discrimination education can play the most important role. Both the family and the government should make an all-out effort to educate girls. An educated girl can support her own as well as her family and the country. People cannot humiliate an educated girl as she is conscious enough of her rights and responsibilities.

The father, brother, and even the husband should extend their hands of all-out support to their daughter, sister, or wife. If women get support and inspiration from the male members of their family, they can contribute something great in return and it is proven.

We all irrespective of rich and poor, educated and uneducated should change our mindset towards women. Women should be given proper respect and privileges to enjoy their rights. To establish a healthy, wealthy, and happy society we must get rid of gender discrimination.

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