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Folk Music in Bangladesh:

Bangladeshi people love songs. Traditional folk song is always in the list of their favorite songs. The culture of Bangladesh is rich. One of the greatest cultural traditions of Bangladesh is Folk Song. From time immemorial, the people of this area have been singing thousands of folk songs. They have heard the lyric and the melody of the songs from their predecessor.

Folk music is a special genre of Bangladeshi music. The folk music in Bangladesh has a variety in different locations of the country. The songs also have plenty of diversity. The folk songs have diversity in lyrics and melody in different districts. Bhawaiya is a genre of folk music that is popular in the northern districts of the country.

Hundreds of rivers are the lifeline of Bangladesh. Thousands of boatmen pass their days on the boat. The song of the boatmen is known as Shari or Bhatiali song. In the Rangpur division, the traditional vehicle is bullock or cow cart. The operators of the bullock cart sing a special kind of beautiful and sweet song. These songs are popular across the country. People call this folk song Bhawaiya. There is another type of folk song in Bangladesh and that is Bicchedi. We can call it break up or separation song.

Some of the composers of these folk songs are known and some are unknown. The famous folk song legends are Lalon Shah, Hason Raja, Shah Abdul Karim, Abbasuddin Ahmed, Abdul Alim, Fakir Alamgir, Farida Parveen, etc.

Some folk songs are spiritual. The famous spiritual folk songs are Marfati and Murshidi. One of the most popular genres of folk songs is the Baul song. The singers of Baul song are known as Baul. There are so many Baul in Bangladesh. They sing their favorite Baul songs at different cultural functions across the country. Thousands of song lovers enjoy these functions.

In the villages of Bangladesh, there are so many genres of folk songs. These songs are Kabi gaan, Jari gaan, Palaa gaan etc. The marriage ceremony is a special occasion in every society. Biyer gaan (Marriage song) is a special kind of folk song and is a part of Bangladeshi traditional marriage.

Lalon Geeti is also a famous and popular genre of folk music. The legendary spiritual leader Fakir Lalon Shah composed Lalon Geeti. “Shob Loke Koy Lalon Ki Jaat Songsare” is one of the most popular songs of Lalon. Farida Parveen is known as the queen of Lalon songs.

The folk song singers also play different musical instruments. The common musical instruments are Flute, Dhol, Ektara, Dotara, etc.

Some people think that modern music is replacing the folk music. But the fact is people still love folk song. Every music has its own style and each genre of music is unique. The music lovers who love modern Bangla song also love folk song. Even the modern Bangladeshi singers are becoming more popular by singing folk song. Bangladeshi music lovers still love folk song.

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