Story The Hare and The Tortoise

The story, the hare and the tortoise is a very important and educative story for all of us. The story puts emphasis on the consistency of our work. If we do not do our duty on time and keep it for the next day we will surely lag behind.

For any competitive or public examination, this story is important. Students of schools and colleges must read this story.

(Story-1): The Hare and The Tortoise

Long long ago there lived a hare and a tortoise in a jungle. They were good friends. The hare could run swiftly and he was proud of his running speed. On the other hand, the tortoise could not run rather he walked slowly. ………………………  The hare always laughed at the tortoise at its slow speed. The hare used to say, “My dear friend, you are really too slow to walk with me.” In reply, the tortoise said, “My friend you are so proud of your speed. Let’s have a race.”

The hare took the challenge and they had a race. On the day of the race, all the animals of the jungle came to see their race. It was a sunny day. The hare and the tortoise started their race from one corner of the jungle. After a couple of minutes, the hare looked at his back and didn’t see the tortoise. The hare thought to have a nap. The tortoise was running slowly without any intervals. At one stage the hare reached the ending point of the race.

Waking up from sleep, the hare noticed it was almost afternoon. He started running towards the ending point. Reaching the ending point the hare saw that the tortoise was already there. All the animals declared the tortoise the winner of the race.

(Story-2): The Hare and The Tortoise Story

Once there lived a hare and a tortoise in a forest. They were close friends. But the problem was the hare was proud of his speed. And so the hare used to use derogatory remarks about the slow speed of his friend tortoise. The tortoise took the comments as fun.

One day whenever the hare was insulting the tortoise about his slow pace some other animals were present there. The other animals instigated the tortoise to protest against the boast of the hare. The tortoise loved his friend hare. So, the tortoise told the other animals, “The hare is my close friend. He is not insulting me about my slow pace. He is just making fun. As a friend, the hare has the right to make fun of his friend.”

Another day the hare told the tortoise, “You cannot run fast. If any danger comes how will you run fast to save you?” This time the tortoise got angry. The tortoise challenged the hare to run a race to prove the ability of speed. The hare instantly agreed to run a race. They fixed a date. Both of them invited other animals of the forest to be the audience of the competition.

On the day of the competition of the race, every single animal of the forest reached the previously fixed place on time. It was fixed that they would run from one corner of the forest to the other corner. One of the foxes was the referee. It was morning. The referee blew his whistle. The race started.

The hare was fast. So, within a couple of minutes, the hare crossed a good length of distance. The hare looked back. He did not see the tortoise. So, he laughed and thought that he could take a rest.

Naturally, the speed of the tortoise was slow. But he was consistent. The consistency made the tortoise the winner. He did not stop anywhere. He ran at a stretch. And at one stage the tortoise reached the ending spot of the race. The tortoise became astonished to see that the hare was not there. All the animals congratulated the tortoise as champion.

While taking rest the hare fell asleep. As a result, the hare could not reach the final destination in time. After waking up the hare started running fast. Within a few minutes, the hare reached the end of the race. Reaching there the hare saw that the tortoise was already there and other animals were enjoying the victory of the tortoise.

The hare got ashamed. He expressed sorrow to his friend tortoise for insulting him. The hare accepted the tortoise as the winner.

(Story-3): Slow and Steady wins the race

Long ago there lived a hare and tortoise in a village. They were good friends. At midday, the tortoise used to bask in the sunlight by the side of a pond, and the hare used to eat grass there. It was their everyday routine except the rainy day.

The hare was swift in movement. But the tortoise was slow and steady. For the slow movement of the tortoise, the hare used to make fun of the tortoise. The tortoise took the disrespectful comments of the hare easily. Because they were good friends. As a result, the tortoise did not take the comment of the hare in a different way.

The next day the hare again made fun of the slow pace of the tortoise. The hare said, “Friend if we run together you will remain a long way back than me.” The tortoise was sagacious. He replied wisely. The tortoise said to the hare, “Friend you are an animal of land. On the contrary, I am an animal of water. So, if we arrange a competition of race in the water it will be unfair and injustice to you. On the other hand, if the race is held on the ground it will be an injustice to me.”

But the tortoise could not convince the hare through his logic as the hare was not intelligent. The hare replied, “Nevertheless, you should admit that you are too slow to move.” The hare was provocating the tortoise to run a race as a competition.

The tortoise agreed to run a race with his friend the hare. The date and the area were settled. Their other animal friends were invited to enjoy the race.

It was a sunny day. The race started between the tortoise and the hare. After passing a long distance the hare thought it would take a few more minutes to reach the ending so he decided to take a rest. As the hare was tired he fell asleep.

The tortoise was running slowly but continuously toward the winning line without any pause. When the hare woke up from sleep it was about midday. The hare started running in a hurry. The hare became surprised to see the tortoise at the winning line. All the animals were making fun of the hare for his failure. The hare accepted his failure and told the tortoise that he would never ever make fun of the pace of the tortoise.

The moral of the story: Slow and steady wins the race.

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