Composition Importance of Tree Plantation

The importance of tree plantation is an important composition for the students of schools and colleges. This is also an important composition for different competitive examinations. So, examinees should read and write the composition attentively for taking good preparation for their exams.

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(Composition-1): Importance of Tree Plantation

Life on earth without trees cannot exist. Because for the existence of life, the existence of trees is a must. The lives of man and animal are also directly and indirectly related and dependent on trees. So, we should realize the importance of trees and we should plant more and more trees to make the world a livable planet.

For various purposes, we cut trees. We do not even think of the consequences of cutting down trees. Before cutting a single tree we should think at least ten times. People also should think about how a tree helps us to live in the world. So, we should not cut trees if it is not really necessary. On the other hand, we should plant more than one tree by cutting one tree. In this way, we can maintain ecological balance and prevent climate change in the world.

Trees give us oxygen and take away carbon dioxide. This is a great contribution of trees. Without oxygen, we cannot live. Trees are giving this life-saving valuable gas to us free of cost. On the other hand, by taking away carbon dioxide from the atmosphere trees are keeping the temperature tolerable for living. Because we know carbon dioxide is mainly responsible for global warming.

Our world is getting warmer day by day. People across the world feel excessive heat. Besides, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing in the environment and the earth is becoming warmer. So, by planting more and more trees, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Moreover, if we can decrease the temperature of the world by increasing the number of trees the temperature will be controlled. As a result, our world will remain livable for all living beings.

Without food man and animals cannot survive. To get food we are directly and indirectly dependent on trees. Trees give us food, fruits, flowers, etc. We also can make furniture with the help of trees. Besides, we get edible oil from trees. In some areas of the world where gas for cooking is not available, people use wood to cook. For making a home we need wood. Wood is also necessary for arts and crafts. The necessity of trees cannot be described in words.

Trees add beauty to our surroundings. Nature looks beautiful with trees. Without trees, nature does not look beautiful. Trees can increase the amount of rain in an area where trees are available in large numbers. But in the area where trees are rare rain is also rare. Thus, trees save us from drought. During floods, trees protect the topsoil which is important for farming from being washed away.

If we do not take care of trees and cut down them randomly one day our whole world will turn into a desert. So before cutting down a tree we should think of its consequences rather we should plant trees everywhere.

Trees also save us from river erosion and devastating storms. Roots of the trees in the river bank check river erosion. Generally, big storms like cyclones or hurricanes come from the sea. The devastating power of cyclones can destroy the coastal area. Trees in the coastal area can save lives and property from being destroyed. In this regard, Sundarbans is a great example of safeguarding the coastal areas of Bangladesh from cyclones.

The importance and contribution of trees can’t be described in words properly. Because without trees, there will be no life in the world. So, we should understand the importance of trees and plant more and more trees wherever possible.

(Composition-2): Importance of Tree Plantation

We live in the nature of the planet Earth. Our living quality depends on the quality of nature. And the quality of nature depends on the number of trees. If there are more trees around us the quality of air and the environment is good.

We cannot think of an environment without trees. The population of the world is increasing but the number of trees is decreasing. People are cutting and using trees for various purposes without considering the dreadful consequences of the future world.

We must realize the importance and necessity of trees for a beautiful and healthy environment. So, we must plant more and more trees to save our environment and planet. We should plant at least five trees before wiping out a tree for our personal use. To ensure a loving environment for all living beings we all must plant trees of various types.

Trees fulfill most of our fundamental needs. We cannot live more than a few seconds without oxygen. We get this invaluable oxygen from trees. We cannot live without food. Trees give us food. Clothing is one of the important basic needs for modern people and we get the raw materials of clothes from trees. Medicine factories use ingredients from trees to produce many life-saving medicines.

Trees ensure a natural and safe habitat for birds and some animals. The birds feed on a wide range of delicious and nutritious fruits from trees. Birds build nests on trees to reside and to lay eggs. Bees also make beehives on the branches of trees. So, it is clear that trees are not only important for mankind but also for other living beings.

If we want to beautify our surroundings, we must plant beautiful trees. Without trees, we cannot create a perfect vibe of beautification. To ensure an ambiance of real eye-catching beauty, trees are a must. Nothing can make an environment more attractive and dashing than trees.

For cooking, we need wood to make a fire. In cold countries, people use wood to make fire to keep the houses warm. To make furniture wood is best.

Soil erosion of the river banks by the currents of river water is a common problem. The roots of the trees protect the soil from river erosion.

Generally, cyclone hits on coastal areas. The trees in coastal areas protect the mainland from the devastation of cyclones. In Bangladesh, the trees of the Sundarbans protected the mainland from several cyclones over the years. Thus, trees have been contributing a lot to protecting properties and lives.

Afforestation is the synonym for planting trees. Deforestation is the antonym for afforestation. If we do not put emphasis on afforestation and remain indifferent to deforestation, we will face the revenge of nature shortly. Actually because of worrisome deforestation already nature is behaving abnormally. We observe that in many parts of the world unprecedented flash floods, droughts, snow storms, sudden and excessive rainfall, unusual decrease of food production, etc. All these negative actions of nature are the outcome of the decline in number of trees.

In conclusion, we can say that there should be a wake-up call for one and all to plant trees to save our dear world. Everyone should understand the importance of trees. The governments of the countries should come forward to increase the number of trees by chalking out some functional programs.

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