Composition on Physical Exercise

The composition physical exercise is important for the examinees of SSC and HSC. Physical exercise is also a common composition for the students of all classes. So, students should emphasize reading and writing the composition multiple times to get good scores in their exams.

After reading the composition the readers will know the following facts:

  • What is physical exercise?
  • Different types of physical exercise.
  • Best time for physical exercise.
  • Games and exercises suitable for men.
  • Exercises and games suitable for women.
  • The benefits of physical exercise.

(Composition-1): Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means regular movements of different limbs of our body. Exercise helps us to be in sound health with a sound mind.

There are various types of physical exercises such as walking, running, swimming, jogging, rowing, boxing, cycling, etc.

Morning and evening are the best times for Physical exercise. All forms of exercise are not suitable for all people of all ages. Various games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, etc. are good for young people. For women, badminton & table tennis are the best physical exercises. On the other hand, walking is good for all people and especially for aged people.

A healthy man is the happiest in the world. He enjoys his life more than an unhealthy man. A healthy and physically fit person passes his days with heavenly pleasure. The healthy person enjoys infinite pleasure, because of his sound body. A sick or physically weak person on the other hand leads a miserable life in the world. Life becomes dull to him/her. He becomes a burden to himself. He also becomes a burden to the nation, to his family, and also to society. An unhealthy man can do nothing for society.

For the students’ physical exercise is very important. They are the most important citizens of the country. Student life is a life of preparation for future struggles. They will lead the nation tomorrow. They can not expect to face real-life challenges without having good health. So, doing physical exercise is necessary for the students to be physically and mentally fit.

There are some norms for taking physical exercise. Over-exercise is harmful to the body. Physical exercise should be done in the open air and not in a closed room. Besides, we should not exercise on an empty stomach or just after having food. We also should always keep in mind that over-exercise is injurious to health, it damages our muscles or body.

There are so many good sides of physical exercises to be described. Our body is just like a machine. Our bodies cannot function well without movement or exercise. Exercise helps us to digest our food properly. Physical exercise makes our bones & muscles strong. It makes us hard working. Regular exercise develops immunity in our bodies. It prevents various diseases from developing in our bodies.

There is an interrelation between our body and mind. There is a proverb, “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. So to have a fit and happy life, we must do Physical exercise regularly. Moreover, physical exercise is one kind of recreation as it helps us to be free from monotony, dullness, and boredom.

Physical exercise gives us fresh energy. It refreshes our minds and helps us to work with new enthusiasm. Besides, physical exercise increases the resistance power of the body. It also increases our lifespan.

So, we should form the habit of regular physical exercise to be fit and healthy and also to lead a happy and smart life.

(Composition-2): Importance of Physical Exercise

For healthy living the importance of physical exercise is undeniable. Physical exercise plays an important role in maintaining a disease-free healthy body and cheerful mind.

The movement of muscles and limbs of our body is termed physical exercise. It is a prerequisite for good health. It helps us to keep fit and makes us motivated to work hard.

There is an intensive correlation between body and mind. A healthy body is essential for a happy and beautiful mind. It is not possible to attain a sound body without physical exercise. Regular and moderate exercise helps our body to be strong by maintaining our body structure. Exercise keeps blood circulation normal in our body. A person who exercises regularly has less chance of suffering from various diseases, especially obesity-related issues. By creating resistance against different diseases physical exercise paves the route to a healthy lifestyle.

Many gymnasiums are found in urban areas these days. Many people think that for physical exercise we should go to gymnasiums. But there are so many effective and fruitful exercises that do not require a gym. Walking, running, swimming, push-ups, sit-ups, skipping rope, and cycling are some excellent exercises that do not need a gym. However, exercise should be selected according to age and physical ability. Some exercises require more physical strength. So, the older people should do simple exercises like walking or sit-ups.

Besides, the time of exercise is also important. Generally, physicians suggest exercising early in the morning as morning fresh air is beneficial for our health. Similarly, it is not good to exercise on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal. Moreover, it is mandatory to have healthy and nutritious food after physical exercise.

To sum up, it can be said that physical exercise is extremely crucial for a happy and successful life. By burning the fat of our body physical exercise keeps our body strong, fit, and attractive. A person can have everything but can enjoy nothing without having physical fitness and wellness. So, we must exercise regularly according to the rules of physiology.

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