Story of a foolish crow and a cunning fox for HSC:

The story of a foolish crow and a cunning or clever fox is an important completing story for the students. This is an educative moral story. By reading the story the students will realize that they should not believe the sweet words of the wicked people.

A foolish crow and a clever fox:

Long ago there lived a crow and a fox in a jungle. One day the fox was walking alone in the jungle in search of food. …………………………… All of a sudden the fox saw a crow sitting on the branch of a tree. The fox also saw that there was a piece of meat at the beak of the crow.

The fox was hungry. So, he wanted to have that piece of meat to meet his hunger. As a result, he started thinking about the way to get the piece of meat from the crow.

Suddenly the fox hit upon a plan to have the piece of meat. Looking upward he said to the crow, “How are you, my dear friend?” The crow did not reply to the question of the fox. Then the fox again said to the crow, “How beautiful you are! God knows, how sweet your voice is!”

The crow became happy hearing the sweet words of the fox.  The fox again said, “It would be my pleasure if I could hear a song of your sweet voice”. So, the crow fell into the trap of the sweet words of the clever fox. As soon as the crow opened her beak to sing a song the piece of meat fell down to the ground from her beak.

No sooner had the piece of meat fallen to the ground than the fox took it in his mouth. What the fox wanted the crow to do the crow exactly did that. It was a great pleasure for the fox because his plan really worked. So, taking the meat in his mouth the fox left the place instantly. The crow became astonished at the incident. The foolish crow could realize her stupidity. But she had nothing to do because she had fallen into the trap of the sweet words of the wicked fox.

Moral: Beware of flatterers.

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