Story of Bayazid’s Love for his mother for SSC and HSC:

The story of Bayazid’s Love for his mother is an important writing topic for students of schools and colleges. By reading the story students will understand the significance and importance of mother’s blessings. The boy Bayazid became a famous saint with the blessings of his mother.

Story of Bayazid and his mother for HSC:

Bayazid Bostami was a famous Persian sufi. He was born in Bostam, Iran. Bayezid Bostami was born in 804 AD and died in 874 AD. He was famous for his spiritual insight and wisdom.

Bayazid Bostami had great love and respect for his mother. Whenever Bayazid was a student, his mother was aged and sick. One night Bayazid’s mother was sleeping on her bed. The young boy Bayazid was studying sitting on his reading chair and table. As his mother was ill, he put his reading table by the side of the bed of his mother to look after her always. Suddenly at midnight, Bayazi’d mother woke up and wanted to drink water.

Instantly Bayazid took a glass to pour water from the jug. But there was no water in the jug. So, Bayazid went to the kitchen to bring water from the jar or pitcher. But the sad thing was there was also not a drop of water in the jar. Without delay, he took the jar and went out from home to collect water from a nearby fountain. The fountain was not so close to their home. And the night was also dark.

The boy Bayazid walked all the way to the fountain without any fear. The dark night could not stop him from collecting water for his mother. He went near the fountain and collected water. Collecting water, he came back home fast. He poured water into a glass from the jar. Holding the glass of water in his right-hand Bayazid went near to his mother. But he saw that his mother was in deep sleep. As his mother was sick, he did not wake her up to drink water. Rather he kept standing by the side his mother holding the glass of water in his hand.

In the morning Bayazid’s mother woke up. She saw that Bayazid was standing holding a glass of water. At first, she could not realize the fact. Just after a while, she could remember that she wanted to drink water last night from her son. Embracing her son, she started crying. She kept praying to the Almighty for her son so that he could become a great man in the future. This young boy Bayazid became a great saint later in his life. He was really blessed with the blessings of his mother. Now people all over the world love and respect Bayazid Bostami.

Moral of the story: Devotion to his mother makes a man great.

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