Story two cats and a piece of bread:

Two cats and a piece of bread is an interesting and educative story for the students of schools and colleges.

The story depicts the injustice of the powerful person in an amazing way.

The writer has written the story in a unique way so that students can easily read and understand it.

Two cats and a piece of bread:

Long ago there lived two cats in a house. One day they stole a piece of bread from a neighboring house. They went to a safe place near the house to divide the bread. The cats could not divide the bread into equal halves because each cat wanted to have the larger portion of the bread. They got involved in a dispute to divide the bread. The two cats could not settle the dispute and continued quarreling. Finding no other way they decided to go to a monkey. The money was considered as one of the wisest animals in their area.

Hearing the problem of the cats the monkey told them that it was a difficult task to solve the problem. But the monkey assured the cats that he would do justice for them. He would divide the bread into equal halves to ensure justice. The monkey brought a pair of scales to make sure the perfect sharing. He divided the bread into two parts and put both the parts on each scale. One part of the bread was larger and heavier than another part. The monkey took a bite from the larger part of the bread saying that for the sake of justice, he was doing so.

He continued doing so until there remained a small piece of bread. The cats requested the monkey to return the bread. The monkey replied that he worked hard to settle the dispute between the cats. So as an honorarium, he should have the remaining part of the bread. Saying this he ate the last part of the bread.

Though the cats lost their whole bread they learned a good lesson from the incident. The act of the monkey taught them the lesson that they should not quarrel with their own group members.

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