Paragraph on Hygiene for SSC and HSC

The paragraph on hygiene is important writing content for SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know how to write a paragraph highlighting the importance of hygiene. They also should explain the details of how to maintain hygiene and several good sides of maintaining hygiene.

By writing an informative paragraph on hygiene without making any grammatical and spelling mistakes students can ensure having good marks in their exams.

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Paragraph on Hygiene

Hygiene is also an important writing topic in different job recruitment tests. So, job seekers also should be familiar with the importance of hygiene in our day-to-day life.

After reading the paragraph the readers will be familiar with the following points related to hygiene,

  • What is hygiene?
  • Why hygiene is important?
  • How to maintain hygiene?
  • The importance of good food in our life.
  • What is the importance of pure drinking water to maintain hygiene?
  • Importance of hygiene in our daily life.
  • What are the benefits of maintaining hygiene?

(Paragraph-1): Importance of Hygiene

Good health is wealth. To be healthy we must maintain proper hygiene. Hygiene helps us to be fit and disease-free. There is a difference between health and hygiene. We can define health as a fit body. And, we can define hygiene as the activities we do for improving health. Moreover, hygiene will help you to be more confident, happy, and physically fit. Good health is undoubtedly more valuable than money. A person can earn money at any time but if health is ruined it is really difficult to get it back. So, it is important to cultivate the habit of hygiene to lead a healthy and happy life.

There is an interrelation between the human body and mind. So to be mentally happy we should be physically fit. If we can develop the habit of hygiene in our day-to-day activities we can hope to live a long and happy life.

Good food, pure water, and cleanliness are the most important things to maintain personal hygiene. One should emphasize these three things. In maintaining good health we always should prioritize cleanliness.

Regular bathing, washing hands before and after taking food, brushing teeth, washing clothes, and trimming nails are some ways to maintain cleanliness. In fine, we can say that hygiene is really important to lead a happy and healthy life.

(Paragraph-2): Personal Hygiene

We always should be conscious of personal hygiene. By maintaining hygiene we can keep ourselves fresh, clean, and fit. Many of us do not understand the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness. As a result, we do not emphasize maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness. Eventually, we become ill by being affected by various diseases. We become unfit and unhealthy. Maintaining hygiene is not expensive and difficult. Only by developing the habit of cleanliness we easily can be fit and healthy. Confidence is very important to be successful in life.

Personal hygiene helps us to be more confident. People like a person who maintains personal hygiene. People want to mix with him and respect him. So, to be an important person in society it is important to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

By following some important rules we can maintain hygiene. To maintain hygiene we should wear clean clothes. We must take a good shower every day. We should trim our nails and cut our hair after regular intervals. Everyone must brush their teeth every morning and night.

People should eat good food and drink enough water. Good food does not mean expensive food. Good food means balanced and nutritious food. We must wash our hands before and after having food. We also should do physical exercise regularly.

Young people should avoid fast food and soft drinks. By following all these we can maintain hygiene and can have a healthy and happy life.

(Paragraph-3): Hygiene and Cleanliness

Following and maintaining the rules of good health in our daily lives is hygiene. There are so many ways to maintain hygiene. The most important way to maintain hygiene is cleanliness. If we can keep ourselves clean, we can hope to have good health.

Drinking pure and enough water also helps us to maintain hygiene. Eating nutritious food is important for hygiene. There is a famous proverb that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”.

So to be physically and mentally fit we should go to bed early and get up early in the morning. To maintain hygiene, we must take a regular shower with soap. We must wash our hands before and after eating food. This is our responsibility to cut our hair and nail after regular intervals.

We also should do physical exercise regularly to be fit. The dress that we wear also must be clean to maintain proper hygiene. We should change our bed cover before it gets dirty. This is also a way of maintaining proper hygiene.

If we can follow all these rules of hygiene, we can hope to lead a happier and healthier life.

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