Paragraph on Private University vs Public University

Private university vs public university is an important paragraph for the students of college and university. So, students should be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of private and public universities.

The paragraph on public and private universities is very important for the HSC examination. So, the HSC examinees should know how to write a paragraph on public vs private universities highlighting the significant points.

Job seekers also should emphasize knowing the similarities and dissimilarities of public and private universities. Because this is an important writing content in the job recruitment test.

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Public vs Private University

In 1921, the first university in this region Dhaka University was founded. The university has been playing a great role in spreading higher education in this area. Over time, more public universities were established in our country.

The private university is a recent addition to our education system. Despite so many problems, some private universities are gaining a reputation for their quality of education.

Both the public and private universities are contributing a lot by providing the opportunity for higher education among the students.

After reading the paragraph students will be able to compare and contrast public vs private universities and also will be familiar with the following terms:

  • Private University Act.
  • The name of the first public university in Bangladesh.
  • Name of some public universities.
  • The name of the first private university in Bangladesh.
  • Name of some private universities.
  • Contribution of the public university.
  • Facilities of public universities.
  • Contribution of the private university.
  • Facilities of private universities.
  • The admission process of public universities.
  • The admission process of private universities.
  • Expenditure of a student to study in public and private universities.

Private University vs Public University

In Bangladesh private universities were established by the Private University Act 1992. The Bangladesh Government again modified the act in 2010. The government has passed the act to provide a legal framework for the establishment of private universities to meet the increasing demand for higher education. Since then 103 private universities have been established so far in Bangladesh. Dhaka University is the first public university in this region. The founding year of Dhaka University is 1921. North South is the first private university founded in 1992. Though there is huge controversy about the quality of education some private universities are truly doing well in terms of quality education.

There are two main reasons behind passing laws to establish private universities with the help of the private sector.

The reasons are:

  1. Increasing demand for higher education.
  2. Scarcity of funds for the government to spend on higher education.

That is why the government decided to invite the private sector to invest in establishing private universities. This was a groundbreaking decision by the government. More students are getting the opportunity to receive higher degrees because of this decision. Private universities are contributing a lot to increasing the number of highly educated people in our country.

Some renowned and quality private universities are North South University, BRAC University, Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), IUBAT, Daffodil International University, East West University, International Islamic University, AUST, etc. These universities are providing quality education to their students. Students of private universities are doing well in their profession at home and abroad.

But the problem is private universities are expensive. That’s why students who belong to low-income families cannot study at those universities.

The quality of public universities in Bangladesh is considered better than private universities. There are some renowned and quality public universities in Bangladesh. Among them, Dhaka University, BUET, CUET, RUET, KUET, Jahangir Nagar University, Mymensingh Agricultural University, Jagannath University, Rajshahi University, Chittagong University, SUST, etc. are always on the list of choices of the students to be studied.

Similarities and differences between public and private university

The tuition fees in private universities are much higher than in public universities. Public universities are government-funded. On the other hand, private universities collect their expenses from students through tuition fees.

The area or campus of public universities is bigger than that of private universities. The students of public universities enjoy residential facilities almost free of cost. Whereas private universities do not have residential facilities. Public universities have playgrounds, ponds, walkways, big libraries, gymnasiums, cultural auditoriums, etc. On the other hand, private universities hardly have these facilities for the students. Every public university has a teacher and student center (TSC). Here in TSC, the teachers and the students gather for recreation and also to take part in different co-curricular activities. But generally, private universities do not have TSC. There are more research facilities in public universities than in private universities. Generally, in public universities, the number of students in a classroom is more than the number of students in private universities.

Because of so many reasons, the admission test of public universities is more competitive than that of private universities. Those who get the scope to study at public universities consider themselves lucky. However, the admission process in most of the private universities is easy. They even do not take any admission tests. Some private universities such as North South University, BRAC University, East West University, IUB, etc. take admission tests to make sure whether the students are qualified or not to be part of that university. Thus they are maintaining their standard.

Session jam is a familiar word in Bangladesh. Because the students of public universities sometimes face session jams. But there is no session jam in private universities. Because of session jams, it takes more time for the students of public universities to complete their degrees.

In conclusion, we can say that both the public and private universities are playing a great role in spreading higher education among the people across the country.

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